Things to Consider When Comparing Garage Door Style Options

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Choosing the best garage door style for your home isn’t an easy task. There’s so much variation between popular styles, that you may find yourself a little overwhelmed when comparing the best styles on the market.

If you’re struggling to choose a new garage door style to improve your property curb-appeal, increase home security, and make storing your vehicles easier, then here are four of the most important things to consider:

1. The Advantages of Different Garage Door Styles

The first thing that you’ll need to consider when comparing different garage doors are the style advantages. Modern garage doors come in a wonderful range of styles that can benefit homes with traditional and contemporary aesthetics. Here are six of the most popular modern garage door styles to choose from:

Garage Door Accents Planks

Elegant and eye-catching, the accent plank style with micro-grooving will enhance the curb-appeal of your home with its classic styling. This style of garage door is a true asset to modern and traditional properties thanks to its beautiful wood-tone accenting.

  • Low-cost alternative to wooden garage doors
  • Clean lines
  • Low maintenance
  • Similar appearance to wood
Carriage House Overlay Garage Doors

The carriage house style of garage door is highly traditional in its design and beautiful in its appearance. In an overlay carriage garage door, elegantly-finished panels are attached to the exterior of the garage door to create a subtle definition that greatly enhances the design.

  • Adds definition to the garage door
  • Traditional aesthetics
  • Great customization options
  • Good for energy efficiency
Carriage House Stamped Garage Doors

Stamped carriage house garage doors are an affordable way to replicate the classical charm of the traditional style. This style of garage door has the conventional carriage design stamped into the surface of the door, giving it plenty of character whilst retaining superior durability.

  • Traditional aesthetics
  • Great durability
  • Affordable carriage house style
  • Works with modern and traditional aesthetics
Flush Panel Garage Doors

Sleek and modern, flush panel garage doors feature clean lines and simple detailing that creates an uncomplicated and very contemporary exterior appearance. Whilst simplistic in design, this garage door style can greatly improve the curb-appeal of modern homes.

  • Clean lines
  • Modern aesthetic
  • Good for saving energy
  • Sturdy design
Raised Panel Garage Doors

Raised panel garage doors are ideal for adding depth and detailing to your property exterior. The stunning design of the raised panels creates a sophisticated aesthetic with plenty of traditional character.

  • Provides depth to the garage door
  • Long and short panel options
  • Great customization options
  • Good insulation
Recessed Panel Garage Doors

Recessed paneling on garage doors is a popular style that works perfectly with modern or traditional homes. The unique aesthetic created by the recessed panels is clean, sleek and elegant, delivering a slight variation on the classic garage door design.

  • Very traditional design
  • Natural wood-grain appearance
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong construction

2. The Features and Benefits of Modern Garage Door Styles

Modern Garage Door Options

As well as the aesthetic design of a garage door style, it’s vital to consider the features and benefits of each garage door variety. The quality of a garage door, its construction, and what features are available will determine how advanced the door is and how much it will benefit your home. Here are seven points to consider:

  • Technology– Is it possible to combine your chosen garage door style with advanced technology? Modern garage door technology can increase the security and function of your garage door, allowing you to open the door remotely and monitor any door activity.
  • Insulation– The quality of garage door insulation is important for conserving heat, lowering your home’s carbon footprint, and reducing the cost of your heating bills.
  • Weight– Modern garage doors often use advanced construction techniques and materials for reduced weight.
  • Weather Protection– For long-lasting aesthetic appeal, the quality of weather-stripping on a garage is important. Quality weather protection will ensure that your garage door remains sturdy and properly sealed through every season.
  • Material – Strong, sturdy materials are essential for garage door longevity. Ensuring your new garage door is constructed from quality materials will help to prevent problems with security and longevity.
  • Maintenance– Some garage door styles and materials are easier to maintain than others. Choosing a low-maintenance garage door is important if you don’t have the time for regular maintenance.
  • Mechanism– It’s essential to consider the operation of each garage door style; you may be able to choose between up and over, roller, sectional, and side hinge door functions.

3. The Cost Considerations of Each Style

The cost of each garage door style can be a big factor in determining which garage door type is right for your home. The overall price of a garage door can be influenced by many factors, including:

  • Material– The material that you choose, such as metal, wood, PVC or fiberglass, can have a large impact on overall price.
  • Mechanism– Sectional and side hinged doors can be more expensive than shutter and up and over doors.
  • Special Requirements– Requests for special garage doors sizes can increase the price.
  • Customization– The more customization options requested, the higher the garage door price will be.
  • Quality – High-quality garage doors will cost more initially, but they could save you a lot of money in the long-run.
  • Installation– Price may vary between installation companies, and if there are special requirements during installation, the installation may take longer.

4. What Customization Options are Available

If you want a garage door that stands out, then the customization options available for each style will be an important factor. When considering the different garage door styles, make sure that you look at the options for:

  • Windows
  • Color and Staining
  • Garage Door Size
  • Decorative Finishes
  • Materials
  • Mechanisms

By choosing a garage door style that you can customize to your exact preferences, you can perfectly match the style of your home for optimum aesthetic appeal!

Chicagoland Garage Door Installation Services

If you’re excited to see what options are available for a new garage door, then AR-BE Garage Doors in Chicagoland are ready to help! Our range of garage doors include the top garage door styles, with wonderful options for customization, advanced features, and high-quality construction throughout.

To discuss your dream garage door requirements and design the perfect garage door for your budget, contact us today or visit our store in Oak Lawn, IL.


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