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Garage door replacement is one of those tasks that’s very easy to put off or avoid in favor of other home improvements. After all, if your garage door is functioning, then it surely doesn’t need replacing, right?

Well, not exactly…

A garage door that is outdated, broken, faulty, or old could be doing more damage to your home than you might think. Garage doors are critical for whole-home security, they protect valuable possessions like vehicles and tools, they impact the entire aesthetic appeal of your property, and they play a very important role in energy efficiency.

This all means that if your garage door is outdated, you could but putting the security, safety, appearance, and comfort of your home at risk. With this in mind, here are ten of the biggest upsides of modernizing your garage door system in Chicago, sooner rather than later:

1) Improves Property Appearance

A property exterior is the accumulation of a number of elements that come together to make a whole. Every element plays an important role in defining the look of your home and building your curb appeal. One of these elements that’s crucial to the overall appearance of your property is the garage door.

If your garage door isn’t enhancing your property appearance then it’s likely to be detracting from it, which can impact your entire home. A beautiful garage door system is an asset to your home that will positively influence your property’s curb appeal and enhance those little architectural features that make your home really stand out as unique.

A modern garage door system doesn’t have to look contemporary, it can look traditional, rustic, or vibrant, there are countless combinations of door style, opening system, decorative details, finishes and functions that can be used to make your garage door system a standout addition to your home.

By removing unsightly old garage doors and replacing them with a modern, sleek, and beautifully finished system, you move one step closer to achieving your dream property exterior. Not only will the upgrade be a visual improvement to your home, but the simple change from one door to a modern system offers a lot more as well…

2) Increases the Potential of Your Garage

Improving your garage door system is an inexpensive way to improve your whole home, and the benefit of this is perhaps the most noticeable in the increased potential that your garage will have after the upgrade.
A garage can be a place to store tools and gardening equipment, and a space to store your vehicle, but those aren’t the only options open to you. Garages can be used as entertainment spaces, workshops, and hobby rooms; they can even be used as bedrooms and living spaces with the right improvements, like upgrading to a modern door system.

The potential of a garage is limitless, but even if you just want to continue using the space for vehicle or tool storage, investing in a garage door upgrade is still going to be of great benefit. The increased security, safer environment, and more comfortable space that a modern garage door can create will make spending time out in the garage a lot more enjoyable and give you an increased peace of mind about storing your valuables in the space.

3) Reduces Garage Door Maintenance

Did you know that a garage door is one of the biggest moving objects inside your home? All those moving parts come with a lot of maintenance that can really start to build-up as your garage door gets older. Garage Door Maintenance is an ongoing project made up of a lot of little tasks, like cleaning, oiling, and repairs, but the hefty maintenance requirements won’t necessarily carry through to your new garage door system. If you’re tired of maintaining an old garage door, then this is the upside of a modern system for you…

With a new system you can wave goodbye to long hours spent cleaning, fixing, and potentially even repainting that old garage door. Modern, sleek garage door systems are often a breeze to clean, they won’t need any major maintenance for a long time to come, and the whole system will be designed with ease of maintenance in mind.
If your old garage door is starting to show its age through an increase in maintenance requirements, then there’s no time like the present to replace the system and reap the low-maintenance rewards.

4) Provides Protection Against Intruders

Security is one of the main considerations when purchasing a new garage door system, but as time goes on after that door has been installed, security can often be pushed to the back of your mind. As weather takes its toll on your garage door, the motors start to wear, and it slowly starts to deteriorate over time, the ability of the door to protect your home gets lower and lower.

Today’s garage door systems offer a huge step-up in security; from the quality of the door, to the security locks and alarms, and the durable mechanisms, a new door is going to enhance your home security in a large number of ways. Even the look of a new door will help to deter intruders: a brand-new door looks a lot harder to break into than a door that is 10-15 years old and has peeling paint and rusty handles.

5) Minimizes Risk of Injury

The number of times that most garage doors are opened in a year can be measured in the thousands. A garage door system is relied upon everyday by many members of the family, making it an integral part of every day life. However, all this use will start to damage the system over time – no garage door is built to last forever, despite the incredible longevity of many modern systems.

An old garage door system is not only a security risk, it’s also a safety risk. As the motors wear down, the door gets harder to open, and it gets damaged a little here and there, the door starts to become a large risk to whoever is using it. To minimize the risk of injury to you and your family, getting an unsafe garage door upgraded to a modern system is incredibly important.

6) Boosts Property Energy Efficiency

Modern garage door systems are designed to account for the transfer of heat from the inside of your garage to the outside. Nobody likes walking into a cold garage, which is something that can be avoided when your modern system closes securely, with no droughts; when the door is constructed from strong and solid materials, to reduce heat transfer; and when the door is protected from weather damage, which can cause it to become inefficient.

Energy efficiency is an important consideration for your whole home, and your garage door system plays a vital role in the overall efficiency of your property. Put simply, the better the garage door, the more energy that you save. A warm and comfortable garage is a very real possibility when you upgrade to a modernized garage door system.

7) Decreases Your Monthly Energy Bill

One of the biggest benefits of a more energy efficient garage is a reduction in your energy bills – who doesn’t like the idea of a home improvement that cuts costs?

By reducing the amount of heat that’s lost to the outside, modern garage door systems lower the amount of energy that you need to heat your garage. This translates into increased energy savings that will be visible on your energy bill each month.

This bill-reducing improvement will be even more beneficial in the coldest months of the year, when it comes to fending off the chill of a harsh Chicago winter. However, energy-savings could still be seen in summer, with the added insulation also helping to decrease dependency on cooling – reducing your energy bills even more.

8) Lowers the Noise of Your Garage Door Operating System

An old garage door system can be a noisy garage door system, which is a detriment to your relationship with your neighbors and to your ear drums. That irritating grinding sound that’s very common with older garage doors, whose motors have seen better days, definitely won’t carry through to your new garage door system.

The louder the sound of your garage, the larger the sign that the system isn’t working as effectively as it once was, and the bigger the need there is to seek a modern replacement. A quiet, efficient, and easy-to-operate garage door system will feel like a breath of fresh air if you’ve been living with an outdated system for a while.

9) Offers a Return on Investment

Some home improvements are beneficial but don’t do much to recoup their initial cost, but the same can’t be said for a new garage door system. Not only will this modern upgrade benefit your home considerably, but it can also offer a return on investment as well.

Modern garage door systems can achieve a return on investment in a number of ways, starting with the security that they offer. You home will be safer after having the system installed, which is a large benefit in itself, but also one that can translate into an improved insurance premium – a safer home is less of a risk after all!

A new garage door will help you to reduce your energy costs and the door will also keep its value, which are two benefits that you can rely on in the long-term. When you combine these benefits with the additional chance of getting tax credits on your new garage door, it’s not hard to see why this investment is very capable of offering a return!

10) Increases the Value of Your Home

The final upside of modernizing your garage door system, an increased property value, is one that reflects all the great benefits of the home improvement. This is perhaps the ultimate sign of a home improvement that’s worth considering!

Despite the ease of having your garage door system modernized, and the low cost, the rewards on property resale are very good. From the improved curb appeal, to the energy savings and security improvement, a garage door can do a lot to help boost the resale value of your property.

While this benefit may not be one that you experience first-hand for some time to come, having a modern garage door will be one less thing to worry about if you decide to put your property on the market.

With the outstanding options available for modern systems, the beautiful aesthetic finishes, and the highly secure operating systems, you could turn your old garage space into one of the best assets of your property. A garage door upgrade may not currently be at the top of your priority list, but hopefully after checking out the amazing benefits of a modern garage door system, it soon will be.

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