The Importance of Torsion Springs for Garage Door Tracks


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Torsion Springs for Garage Door Tracks

Garage doors are one of the most stand-out additions to your home exterior, but did you know that your garage door works harder than almost every other part of your home?

Behind all the beautiful paintwork and elegant detailing, there’s a lot going on to make sure that your garage door operates perfectly. Learning more about how your garage door works and the importance of each part, will help you to identify problems quickly and keep your garage door properly maintained.

When it comes to understanding more about the most critical components of your garage door, there are few better places to start than with torsion springs, and in particular, their importance for garage door tracks.

Ever wondered how your garage door works? Well, here’s everything that you need to know about some of the most important parts…

The Inner Workings of Your Garage Door: Torsion Springs & Garage Door Tracks

If you take a moment to really get a look at the mechanism behind your garage door, then you’ll notice that there are a lot of components at work. While there are some variations between garage door mechanisms, garage door tracks and torsion springs are amongst the most common components.

Torsion springs and garage door tracks play important roles in the opening and closing mechanism of your garage door. Most garage doors have two tracks, that are in place to house the rollers, which glide across the tracks as the door opens and closes.

In many garage doors, you’ll find torsion springs located at the top of the door opening. The springs are very tightly wound and provide the force that’s required to lift your garage door. By generating torque, the springs keep the door balanced, so the weight of the door is easy to manage. When you open the door, the springs release tension, and the rollers glide easily across the tracks.

Each component is very important in the overall function of your garage door, but they can’t operate the door alone. For a garage door to function correctly both the springs and track need to be in good condition, but problems with either of these components can impact the function of the other.

Torsion Springs and a Garage Door Off Track

A common problem with many garage doors is the garage door coming off track. There are many reasons why this can happen, including impact (often caused when drivers accidentally back into their garage door) and misalignment (caused when the bolts that hold the track in place become loose).

Another common cause of a garage door coming off its tracks is a broken lift cable – which is where the importance of torsion spring maintenance comes into play. The lift cable is a metal cable that extends from the bottom of the garage door to the springs. If this isn’t properly maintained, along with the springs, then problems with the track can arise.

Even if the spring cable doesn’t cause the garage door to come off its tracks, the cable can sustain damage as a result of track problems. When a garage door is off its tracks, it can lead to the rollers slowly getting worn down; if this occurs, then the rollers can cause the cables to break.

Keeping your garage door maintained is one of the best ways to prevent problems with springs and the garage door tracks.

The Importance of Torsion Spring Replacement

Torsion springs are very strong, but they’re not designed to last forever. Normally you’ll find that most torsion springs have a lifespan of just 20,000 cycles, which isn’t all that long when you consider how often a garage door is opened and closed.

As well as loose garage door tracks, other problems can also shorten the lifespan of torsion springs, including built-up dirt, poor maintenance, incorrect balance, and bad installation. When a torsion spring breaks, you’ll hear a very loud bang, and if anyone is in the vicinity of the door, then it can be very dangerous.

Replacing the torsion springs before they stop functioning properly is very important, as it can be hazardous to be close to a torsion spring when it breaks, and you’ll be unable to use your garage door properly until the spring has been fixed. Due to the danger involved in replacing torsion springs, it’s always best to call in the professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Torsion Springs

Learning more about torsion springs is a great way to help you identify when they need to be replaced and what you can expect from the replacement. Here are four frequently asked questions about torsion springs:

How Do I Know If My Torsion Spring Is Broken?

If you’re in the immediate area when the spring breaks, you should be able to tell straight away, as there will be a very loud noise. When the spring breaks, you’ll also have difficultly opening the garage door, and the spring will have a noticeable split.

Should My Garage Door Have Two Torsion Springs?

The number of torsion springs that your garage door has will depend on the style of the door. Typically, single garage doors will only have a single torsion spring, while double doors will have two. Two springs can be fitted in doors that are unusually heavy.

Do I Need to Replace Both Torsion Springs?

If your door has two torsion springs, then it’ll normally be advised that you replace them both at the same time, as they often wear down at a similar rate. It’s best to get a professional in to look at the springs, just to be sure.

How Much Does A Torsion Spring Replacement Cost?

The cost of new torsion springs can vary, but you’ll normally be looking at a price in the region of $200 to $400 for two springs. This price includes the cost of the springs and professional installation.

Torsion Spring Dealer in Chicagoland

If you think it’s time to replace your torsion springs, are worried that the springs may not be operating properly, or you want to upgrade your garage door system and add another spring, then give AR-BE Garage Doors a call today.

Our garage door technicians can inspect all the components of your garage door, perform repairs, and remove and replace your torsion springs safely. For more information about garage door tracks and torsion springs, don’t hesitate to get into contact with us!

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