Steel Doors


We offer 25 different colors to choose from.

  • Steel Frame
  • Dual locks with deadbolt
  • 2 different styles to choose from – (Flush & 6 Panel)

Steel Doors Starting at $795 installed

Steel Door Installation in Chicagoland

AR-BE provides top-quality steel door installation in Chicagoland, and we’ve been serving the community for more than six decades. With sales, repairs, maintenance and installation we offer a complete garage door service all under one roof. The costs of AR-BE steel garage doors come with the price of installation included. That’s because we think it’s essential to be upfront and transparent from the start – you won’t find any hidden costs with AR-BE. Our customers return time and time again because they trust to deliver a high-quality service, but they also know they can rely on AR-BE to tell them everything they need to know. Our steel doors, available in 25 colors are fitted by professional technicians, giving you an installation that’s fast, efficient and reliable. Choose AR-BE in Chicagoland if you want the very best steel doors accompanied by a speedy installation with a smile!

 AR-BE Garage Doors, Inc. Steel Door Services 

We offer a wide array of steel door services ranging from helping you select a brand new door to the installation to any repairs or replacements you may need in the future. With a team of trained technicians and steel door experts, you can rely on AR-BE for any and all steel door services.

Why Steel Doors May be the Best Choice

Our steel doors offer the strongest possible defense against intruders, leaving your garage tightly secured without compromising on ease of use. AR-BE steel doors are fitted with a tough steel frame which can’t be easily prised open. You can choose from either a flush or paneled design, offering the aesthetics to match your personal style. Security is rounded off with dual locks and a deadbolt, giving you a garage door that will keep any unwanted intruders at bay. 

Choosing AR-BE steel doors means that you can relax, safe in the knowledge your home has the very best protection possible. As well as offering enhanced security, steel garage doors from AR-BE also have an environmental advantage. If you’re searching for an easy way to slash the cost of your heating and air-conditioning, one of our steel garage doors will do the trick. 

Steel doors from competitors simply don’t perform as well as ours, and won’t offer the same great energy efficiency. AR-BE steel doors have an innovative thermal break in the design, providing insulation without any glass. No other steel doors have the same intelligent design, keeping your house at the right temperature all year round.

Advantages of Steel Doors

There are plenty of different advantages besides energy efficiency and security that come alongside commercial and residential steel doors. If you are going to make an investment for your home or business, you should know all of the ins and outs. Here are a few more of the advantages steel doors provide for you: 

Noise Reduction 

Usually, an advantage for businesses the produce a lot of noise or where an area that needs to be absolutely quite all of the time is needed; you should consider installing steel doors. These doors are made out of a hollow metal, which creates and significant noise barrier. Steel doors have the best Sound Transmission Coefficient (SCT) rating compared to any other material of doors. So don’t look for special soundproof doors; just look at steel doors. Especially with AR-BE, the steel doors that we boast are the highest quality available on the market. 


You may look at a building with a steel door and think to yourself, wow, that is boring. A very common misconception is that all steel doors are just boring pieces of grey metal. Actually, it is quite the contrary. We have a feeling you will be amazed by the array of options we have to give home and business owners a new clean, stylish, and modern look, no matter where the door is located. When it comes to custom steel doors, we can help ensure that you choose the design of your dreams to blend well with your building’s ambiance while supporting your curb appeal. Just come into AR-BE today and take a look throughout the catalog and what exactly we can create for you! 

Longevity & Durability 

We understand that no business or homeowner ever goes a day without opening and closing their door at least once. Especially in commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, and stores where they experience a heavier amount of traffic per day, your doors need to be durable and reliable through every moment of the day. The longevity of steel is incomparable to other doors and often outlive them by years. Steel will never rot, crack or warp to the elements, something that residences and commercial buildings need in their corner, especially with the changing Illinois climate. Also, the need for maintenance is very low for steel doors due to the fact that it is not easily affected by high traffic and tough weather. If you want a door that you can rely on and one where maintenance will not be an issue, then steel doors with AR-BE are the way to go. 


The cost of steel doors is a bit more on the high side than regular doors, but that initial payment should not scare you away from investing in them. Though they are a bit more expensive than other doors, they are reasonably affordable, considering the protection and reliability you get out of them.  

Also, you need to remember about the silent killer, maintenance costs. When thinking about the number of fixes and replacements you need to complete on a regular door; you are saving a lot of money with steel doors. Not to mention all of the extra benefits you get with them (long lifespan, peace of mind, security, and energy-efficiency) 

Steel Doors Provide Optimum Security

Two-thirds of all illegal entries are made through doors.  Ar-Be’s steel-edged doors have been proven to be more secure than traditional wood-edged doors.


To open locked door
lock hole

Reinforced Lockset Area

Provides a rigid base for locksets.

lock hole

Reinforced Lockset Area

Provides a rigid base for locksets.

lock hole

Reinforced Lockset Area

Provides a rigid base for locksets.

Energy Efficiency

AR-BE steel doors provide the kind of energy efficiency that can really contribute to lower home heating and cooling costs.  Each door has a solid high density polyurethane core resulting in an R-15.2 insulating value for doors without glass.  That’s five times better than wood doors and up to twice the R-value of many competitive steel doors.  Castlegate doors are the only steel edge doors with a true thermal break.  A vinyl extrusion locks the steel skins together, but separates the exterior skin from the interior skin, eliminating the transfer of heat of cold through the steel skins.


Perimeter Weatherstripping

Our standard is TPE magnetic weatherstrip sealing the head and strike sides with foam filled compression weatherstrip on the hinge side.


Triple Contact Bottom Sweep

Twin compression bulbs and an extruded vinyl “blade” mate with the adjustable threshold to seal the door bottom.  Helps eliminate drafts, leaks and ice build-up.



As an option compressible foam filled weatherstrip is available for the head and sides.

Exceptional Lead Time & Packaging

Albany Door Company’s normal lead time is easy to remember.  We call it 1, 2, 3.  In most instances, primed doors are delivered in less than one week, two weeks on painted doors and three weeks for stained doors.

All pre-finished doors are boxed to assure they get to the job in excellent condition.  Replacement doors literally float on foam blocks inside the box while new construction doors are protected by the jambs.  Everything is included to help make your job go smoothly.

Steel Doors – New Product & Service Provided by AR-BE Garage Doors, Inc.

At AR-BE we strive to be at the cutting edge of the industry, and work hard to bring our customers the very best products on the market. Steel garage doors are offering real innovation in the market, and the ones we offer are the only design with a true thermal break. We’re proud to be able to offer our Chicagoland customers the very best steel garage doors, providing security and new products at the most competitive prices. Our steel doors are installed by our team of highly skilled technicians, which is all part of our service. With an adjustable vinyl blade bottom, you can feel confident that all the drafts, cold air and ice will be kept out for good. The expertise of our installation team matches the high quality of the door, giving you the very best all around.  The steel doors are just one of the latest designs of doors available at AR-BE. Check in regularly to keep up to date with the newest products available. 

Contact AR-BE for Steel Door Installation Quotes & Questions

Whether you’ve already used our services or you’re a completely new customer, we’re always happy to help out with any advice you need on steel garage door installation. A new steel door is a big investment and we know that it’s important for you to get it right. If you’re switching from a traditional wooden door to one of our steel garage doors, there are lots of questions you may have. AR-BE is completely committed to delivering top quality. Give us a call or drop by and see us in person. If you’re in Chicagoland and need help with steel garage doors – contact AR-BE Garage Doors.

Top Steel Door Installation Reviews – Contact AR-BE, Serving all of Chicagoland

When searching for the right door, don’t only search for the best material like steel, search for the best company like AR-BE. We have been serving the Chicagoland area since 1945, and each person who walks through our doors with their new ones always leaves with a smile guaranteed. But, don’t just take our word for it; see here about all of the wonderful things our past customers are saying about us and our services. 

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