Spring Cleaning for Your Garage: Top Tips for a Fresh Start with Your Garage Door and Opener

Spring Cleaning for Your Garage: Top Tips for a Fresh Start with Your Garage Door and Opener

You have relied heavily on your garage during the long winter months, but now that the weather is slowly getting warmer and spring is on the way, it’s time to prepare for the upcoming year. Your garage door was definitely put to the test this past winter through unbearable frigid days and harsh snow storms. Is your garage door and opener in top shape? Now is the perfect time to find out. Spring cleaning is almost here, so keep reading for the top tips regarding your garage door and opener!

Spring Tips for Your Garage Door

Spring Tips for Your Garage Door

Whether you use your garage door for storing your vehicle and other things, as an extra space in your home, or as an entryway, you rely on your garage door throughout the year. You need it to open and close without a hitch each day, protecting whatever is inside. Here are a few of the top spring tips for your garage door:

Check the Springs

Your springs go through quite a bit of wear and tear, especially during the long winter months. The springs are an essential component of your garage door. That means they need to be inspected regularly. Look for any signs of damage, including rust, cracks, or frayed cables. If you notice any, contact garage door specialists right away before more extensive and costly damage occurs.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Some of the essential moving parts of your garage door system may have dried up during winter, so they are going to need to be lubricated. Apply lubricant to all of the moving parts, including the following:

  • Rollers
  • Hinges
  • Tracks
  • Springs

Doing this will ensure that any of the parts listed above will reduce friction and prolong the lifespan of not only these components but the entire system as well.

Test the Balance

You want to make sure your garage door is completely balanced, and you can do this by safely disconnecting the opener and then carefully lifting the door halfway. Once you let go, if the door stays in place, it is balanced. However, if it falls, the springs may need to be adjusted.

Clean the Tracks

Make sure that your garage door will slide open and close with ease without the potential of falling off the tracks. Clean the tracks regularly to remove any debris, dirt, or obstructions. It will ensure the door can open and close smoothly without any problems.

Inspect the Cables

Check your garage door cables for any signs of wear and tear or damage. If you notice any frayed or damaged cables, do not attempt to repair them yourself. Instead, call a professional to handle the repair. Without experience in garage door or garage door cable repair, you can put the entire system out of focus and end up damaging other components at the same time.

Spring Tips for Your Garage Door Opener

Spring Tips for Your Garage Door Opener

As the weather starts to warm up, it’s the ideal time to give your garage door opener some much-needed TLC. A properly maintained garage door opener will ensure that your garage door operates smoothly and quietly while keeping you, your family, and your property protected from elemental and physical threats. Here are some of the top spring tips for your garage door opener:

Test the Safety Sensors and Tighten Screws and Bolts

Safely check that the safety sensors of your garage door opener are functioning correctly. Sensors are typically situated on each side of the door. An easy way to test them is by waving a broom or something similar in front of the sensors while the door closes. By doing this, the door should start to reverse. Additionally, inspect the screws and bolts of your garage door opener and tighten them as needed. This is an easy way to help to ensure that the opener is securely attached to the ceiling and won’t vibrate or make noise.

Lubricate the Opener

Apply a lubricant to the opener’s chain or belt, depending on the type of system you have, to ensure smooth operation. It will also help to reduce noise when opening and closing. It’s important to note that some openers do not have belts or chains to be lubricated.

Check the Batteries in the Remote

If your garage door opener is not responding when you click the open or close button, a simple fix may be just to change the batteries. As an added tip, if you are tired of constantly changing your remote control due to a variety of reasons, it may be time for an upgrade. LiftMaster garage door openers now offer a series of automated garage door openers that can be controlled with the touch of a button on your smart device! Read more here in our blog about garage door and opener trends to watch. 

Schedule a Professional Inspection For Your Garage Door and Opener

Schedule a Professional Inspection For Your Garage Door and Opener

Now that you know about some of the things to do for your garage door and opener “spring cleaning,” let’s talk about the benefits of avoiding doing it on your own and contacting a specialist. Scheduling a professional inspection for your garage door and opener has plenty of benefits, the primary being a safeguarded approach to maintaining a safe and functional garage. A trained garage technician will identify potential issues before they become more significant problems. During an inspection of your garage, a technician will thoroughly review all components of both your door and opener. These will include the following:

  • Springs
  • Cables
  • Safety sensors
  • Opener and door itself
  • Among other things

A certified, trusted, and knowledgeable technician will be able to identify signs of wear and tear, make necessary adjustments, and replace worn parts like sensors that pose a risk to the entire system. Scheduling a professional inspection, especially during the spring, will allow you to rest assured knowing your garage is safe and secure for the rest of the year and the door and opener will continue to function correctly.

Contact AR-BE Garage Doors for All Garage and Opener Needs

If you live in Chicago or in the surrounding Chicagoland area and want to stay on top of your garage this spring, schedule an inspection with AR-BE Garage Doors. Their experienced and friendly inspections will make sure any issues are met with a lasting solution. No unnecessary work is done, all quotes on work are honest, and only top materials are used. Schedule an estimate with AR-BE today.

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