How To Keep Thieves From Breaking Into Your Garage

Maintain a Burglar-Proof Garage

Keep Your Garage Burglar-Proof

A Chicago-area garage door is statically known as the most common entry point for any theft when they are trying to enter your home. By knowing this, you are now given a head start to proofing your own garage door so that these would be burglars are kept out. There are a variety of different creative ways that you can keep out criminals.

We have outlined a few here for you to apply to your own garage door, that will help you maintain a safe and secure home.

Replace Your Garage Door Remote 

Leaving your garage door remote on the visor of your vehicle is a very common and understandable practice. You have it right there for you when you enter and leave your garage to easily open or close it. But what you may not know is that it gives the burglar an opportunity. If your vehicle is the one that is left outside the garage, the burglar can break into your car and then into your garage.

The simple and easy solution to this occurrence is to replace your garage door remote with a smaller one. You can now purchase miniature sized remotes that fit perfectly in your purse or key chain. Allowing you to keep your remote on you at all times—away from potential thefts. 

Find Your Lost Remotes

As you replace your old remotes try to remember if you have ever misplaced previous remotes in the past. Most of the time you may not need to worry about this, but for those of us who may have lost some it is of the utmost importance. Sure chances are that the remote may be lost forever but why risk the chance that it might fall into the hands of a theft? 

Motion Sensor Lighting

In today’s world home security equipment has advanced enough to give us optimal safety. Motion sensing light fixtures are made available for you today giving you the same effect that a home security sticker does. With motion sensing lights installed, any movement in front of your garage door will be picked up and the lights will expose anyone who may be there.

Do not opt for any fluorescent light bulbs if you do decide to install motion sensors. These type of bulbs can take a while to light up completely, especially in the cold winter months of Chicago.


Turn Your Garage Door Manual

You can easily un-plug your garage door opener at any time. This automatically turns it into a manually operated door. This would be an ideal thing to do when you are leaving for an extended period of time for work or on vacation. By eliminating the possibility of a burglar hacking into your garage door, you can add an additional layer of security. Locking a padlock or a latch so that the door cannot be moved no matter what the theft may do. 

Install Automatic Timers

We all can make mistakes from time to time. Leaving the garage door open after get home and forgetting about it entirely is one of the most common. Thefts have adapted and become more intelligent. Noticing when this occurs they have been known to sneak into your garage and hide until they can move later on that evening or they can quickly come in a grab something and walk out immediately.

With an automatic timer, you can set your garage doors to close after a set interval of time after you pass through your laser sensors. Giving ease of mind, and securing your garage and home. 

Purchase An All New Residential Garage Door

The best and most effective way that you can keep a burglar out of your garage and home is to purchase an all new residential garage door. Updating you garage door with a dependable service gives you the latest in garage door security and performance. Consider purchasing and updating your residential garage door in Chicago today, and keep you and your family safe!

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