Getting Your Home Garage Ready For The Summer

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It’s time to get your garage ready for summer in Chicago

The blizzards and heavy Chicago snowfall are now gone.

The hot summer months are coming quickly and just like it is important to prepare your garage door for the winter—it is for the summer time too.



Knowing the right type of garage door maintenance that you will need, can help you maintain your current garage door and garage door opener. But of course, it is always easier to have a trusted Chicago garage door service perform these tasks for you. Giving you professional handle and care without having to lift a finger.

Let us take a look a some of things you can perform yourself or hire for to get your garage door ready for the summer.

  1. Clean Your Garage Door

Over the past winter months your home garage door has been hit with severe Chicago weather. Rain, wind, dirt, mud, and other random substances have been plastered all over the outside. It seems simple, but it will help it look great for many years to come.

Not only that but inside your door, where you keep your tool box, car, boxes, and random supplies has been collecting dust, grease, and dirt. You will want to wash and clean off both interior and exterior of your garage door for optimal maintenance.

If your garage door is made of wood you will want to inspect it for other issues such as rotten or mildew. Add a new coat of paint or water sealant on both sides of the door to prevent future damage.

If you have a home garage door made of steel look it over for any rust that may have accumulated. Any rust that you may come across can be sanded down and painted over with a special type of primer.

  1. Lubricate Your Working Garage Door Parts

Lubricating any of your home garage doors working components is crucial for efficient operation. Ensure that the following parts of your home garage door are properly lubricated with the correct oil type.

  • Rollers
  • Tracks
  • Hinges
  • Opener Tracks

Never use lubricants such as WD-40 and opt for types that are specifically made for garage doors. Place a conservative amount on each area. Too much oil can become a sponge for dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Which will cause your door to operate inefficiently.

  1. Inspect For Worn Out Parts

One of the first things you are going to want to check is the cables. Look to see if you notice any fraying wires or if it looks like it’s going to wear out. If you do need to replace your cables it is best to hire a Chicago garage door maintenance service, as it can be dangerous to do on your own.

You also want to take a glance at your hinges, bearings, rods, and supports. If you notice any damage or if any of these parts are loose, you will need to fix the issue immediately. If you put it off than you may run into a much bigger problem down the road.

  1. Double-Check Fastening

On the back of your roller tracks you will find bolts placed there to hold your tracks firmly. Inspect these to see if they have come loose at all. During the winter months during our blistering Chicago weather, the wind can shake these bolts loose.

This is vital to not only the operating condition of your garage door but for your safety as well. If these bolts were to come completely loose you are running the risk of them falling on your vehicle or worst—another person.

  1. Inspect Your Garage Door Springs

Your home garage door springs must be looked over after every winter. The wet and cold can cause them to rust and they need to be rust-free. They can break over time but it is best to prevent this any way you can. These springs hold and withstand a lot of tension and if one were to break it can fly across the garage harming or damaging its surroundings.

Your springs need to be enclosed in a tube. If they are surrounded by a tubing than maintenance is not required. These tubes will protect them from harmful conditions and contain any breaks that may occur.

Again we cannot stress it enough.  If you do notice your springs need to be replaced contact a Chicago garage door spring repair service.

  1. Weather Proofing & Insulation

The weather stripping that goes along the edges of your garage door requires maintenance as well. These are crucial parts to your home garage door and although they are made to protect against harsh weather. They still need to replaced from time to time. There is no better time for you do this than right after the winter months have ended.

Weather stripping and insulation keep the cold out of the garage during those cold months. They also keep it dry inside your garage protecting your assets. Even the hot summer air can be damaging to what you store in your garage. Check to make sure your garage door is full insulated.


For more information about garage door repair and installation services in Chicago, IL or the surrounding areas please browse our website or contact us today at (708) 458-2345.

garage door willowbrook il

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