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AR-BE Garage Doors, Inc. has provided garage door repair and installation to Bartlett for more than 60 years (Since 1947).

We have remained a leading provider of garage door service in the local area by providing superior service and responding to the needs of our customers with professional service for the past six decades.

We have the expertise required to handle all your garage door needs. We provide garage door repairs, new door installation for construction or remodeling, and replacement of old, broken garage doors.  We install high quality products from leading manufacturers of hollow steel doors, insulated steel garage doors, carriage house doors, as well as garage door openers from leading brands, including LiftMaster.

Our expert technicians have extensive knowledge of all types of garage doors to provide a fast solution to repair broken garage doors or replace your existing doors with high quality garage door products. We offer emergency service for all your garage door needs and an immediate response for estimates for new garage doors, garage door repair or garage door replacement in Bartlett, IL and the surrounding areas.

We quickly respond to your call and our technicians arrive promptly at your home in Bartlett to quickly repair your:

How do you choose your next garage door or garage door opener?

Whether you need garage door repairs, replacement or installation of new garage doors or garage door openers in Bartlett, you can learn more about AR-BE Garage Doors, Inc., find a complete list of our services, and view the gallery on our website to see the variety of work we have provided to our customers.

You can also contact our office today at 800.339.3256 to request a free estimate or schedule service.

Garage Door Services in Bartlett IL

Garage Door Services in Bartlett IL

Garage Door Parts & Repair, Installation & Garage Door Opener Service

Ar-Be Garage Doors has a large presence in Bartlett, Illinois, and the surrounding Chicagoland area, with a commitment to provide the community with outstanding garage door services on a timely and efficient basis. We know that our reputation is built on service that you can rely on; we provide service when and wherever you need them with a highly trained crew. At Ar-Be, we provide: 

Part of the commitment we have for our customers is providing services when they need them. Your garage plays an essential role in the functionality of your home; that is why we are always ready with the right parts, tools, and crew to find a solution for any problem. Serving Chicagoland since 1947, we serve all of our clients with integrity, efficiency, and high-class work. No matter your needs or where you are located in Bartlett, Ar-Be is your go-to garage door and opener specialist for residential garage doors. 

Garage Door Installations in Bartlett, IL 

A dependable, high-quality garage door for your home helps ensure that not only do you have functionality, but you also have style. Your garage door plays a role in the exterior of your home; a sleek design alongside a dependable system ensures safe operation while improving the appearance of your home. At Ar-Be Garage Doors, we offer a wide selection of residential garage doors, giving our customers endless amounts of options for the ideal door. Our selection of garage doors, from nothing but well-established brands, consist of: 


Accents Planks– A versatile C.H.I micro-grooved door that comes in accent wood tones. This door is perfect for homes with both traditional and modern exteriors. 


Carriage House Overlay– Available in short and long panel options, the raised panels add definition with an incredible design, guaranteed to enhance curb appeal. 


Carriage House Stamped Garage Doors– Shaped from steel, designed with a wood grain finish, this door brings both durability and style, perfect for withstanding the challenging Illinois climate. 


Flush Panel– If you are looking for a more elegant design for modern home exteriors, this is the option for you. This high-class garage door will intensify your home’s look. 


Raised Panel– Beginning with a recessed edge and a raised interior surface, this garage door adds definition to a classic garage door design.


Recessed Panel– A beautiful but traditional steel shaped wood frame garage door. This garage door is a blast from the past. 

Garage Door Repair Technicians in Bartlett IL

Our garage door technicians in Bartlett, IL will first help you choose the right garage door for you, making sure it combines well with the exterior of your home and opening system. With Ar-Be, after choosing your new garage doors, our technicians will come directly to your home, uninstall your old door, and properly install your new one in no time. Speed and performance are two things we at Ar-Be pride ourselves in! Your garage door has many different moving parts, not just what you see on the outside. Ar-Be Garage Doors offers a wide array of garage door repair services in Bartlett. We know how important your garage door is for keeping your vehicles and belongings inside safe from the elements and protected against outside threats. If you require garage door repairs in Bartlett, contact Ar-Be Garage doors today, and we will be at your door in no time. 

Choosing Ar-Be Garage Doors for garage door repairs guarantees a dedicated team ready to help you when you need it. Providing our customers with the best service in the area is our number one priority. Through each installation and fix, our team will thoroughly explain all of the details so that you are always  in the know. Additionally, at Ar-Be, we provide maintenance services to help prevent your garage door from undergoing a severe problem that requires expensive fixes. Do you need garage door repair services in Bartlett? Contact us today

Garage Door Opener Services in Bartlett IL

Your garage door opener is an essential part of the functionality of your garage door. It determines whether or not the door opens and closes properly in a manner that is suitable for your living style. Choosing a door opener ideal for your home may seem simple, but there are many factors to take into consideration, such as noise and mechanical systems. At Ar- Be Garage Doors, to help you decide on which model works best for you home, we will take the time to ask you some simple questions about your garage door usage. Depending on how much traffic your garage receives, we boast many options that are designed for every occasion. Things to take into consideration before looking for a garage door opener are: 

Alongside our extensive assistance in choosing the right garage door opener for you, we boast an extensive catalog of openers so that you can make an informed decision on what will combine seemingly with your home. At Ar-Be, we offer: 

Depending on your needs, our team of experts will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the most suitable garage door opener for you and your family. 

Garage Door Opener Installations and Repairs in Bartlett, IL

The average garage door opener opens and closes 1500 times per year, so it is common for outlying factors to take a toll on your opening system. Luckily, the Ar-Be Garage Doors team has experience both installing new openers and repairing worn down systems. You shouldn’t have to deal with problems with your garage door openers, and we know the problems that can arise when you encounter them. That is why we at Ar-Be make ourselves available anytime you are in need of repairs and installations. Our trained technicians are trained and experienced to handle any problem that arises with garage door openers. Due to the many moving parts a garage door has, identifying the problem needs to be handled by a professional. If you encounter an issue with your garage door opener or you feel as though it is time to make an upgrade for a newer and high-quality opener, contact Ar-Be today, and we guarantee our team will be on the spot in no time! 


AR-BE Garage Doors – Best Reviews for Garage Door Services in Bartlett, IL 

Your garage is an aspect of your property that protects your automobiles, personal items, and everything inside your home, and having a top of the line garage door and opener is essential. When choosing a professional and qualified company to rely on when in need of garage door services, you deserve to be in the know of who exactly you are in hiring. At Ar-Be, we guarantee top of the line services alongside a trained, certified, and qualified team of technicians, but why should you need to take our word for it? 

At Ar-Be, we take pride in the work that we do, and so do our clients. See here all of the incredible and indisputable things that our current and past customers are saying about us. We make you the priority, and when you need garage door services, you can rely on our dependable team to ensure you receive the most trustworthy services in the entire Chicagoland area. Contact us today and see why we are the team that will provide you with everything you need and more! 


Contact Ar-Be for All Garage Door & Garage Door Opener Needs in Bartlett, IL 

With decades of experience serving the Chicagoland area, we perform garage door and garage door opener installations, repairs, and maintenance with the utmost class and professionalism. If you are looking for a company that will truly take the time to provide you with personal and unbeatable service, then contact Ar-Be today and don’t wait another moment! 

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