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Garage Door Off Track Repair & Replacement Services in Chicago

A garage door off its track can be a highly stressful situation. The problem not only puts your home security at risk until the track is repaired, but it’s also very hazardous for your family to have a heavy garage door hanging precariously.  At AR-BE Garage Doors in Chicago, we understand how urgent a situation involving a garage door off its track can be, and we always respond with that in mind. When you call our Chicago-based garage door experts for garage door off track repair, maintenance, or replacement, you’ll receive a quick and competent response from local experts who know exactly what they’re doing!

Professional Garage Door Track Repair Services

A garage door off its track is not always a serious problem, despite the associated danger. Sometimes all that’ll be required is replacing the rollers and securing the garage door back to the correct position. However, in other cases, the repair work can be more extensive and one or multiple parts of the garage door track may need to be repaired. When you call AR-BE Garage Doors, we’ll perform a full examination of the track to assess the extent of damage sustained and check to ensure all parts are accounted for. Our team will make sure that the rollers are properly aligned, the track is secured firmly to the wall, and they’re clean. We always strive to ensure that your garage door is restored to perfect working order in a timely manner.

Experienced Garage Door Track Replacement Services

In severe cases of a garage door coming off its track, repairs may not be possible or may end up costing more than replacement. Where repairs aren’t feasible or when they’re not the best option for your garage door, our garage door technicians will suggest replacing one or more of your garage door parts. Depending on the extent of the damage, the replacement parts required may range from roller and track replacement to full door replacement, such as in the event of a serious collision with the door. Our qualified garage door technicians are trained to complete a full assessment of the damage and provide you with the best solution to restore your door to perfect operation. With the same or next day service provided by our team, you won’t have to wait longer than what’s strictly necessary for replacement services.

What Causes A Garage Door to Go Off Track?

There’s no single reason why you may find yourself with a garage door that’s come off track, in fact, there’s quite a few. If your garage door is no longer safely on its track, then one of the following reasons could be to blame:


  • Impact – A common cause of garage doors coming off their track is impact, often the result of accidental vehicle collisions. Forgetting to open the door before reversing your vehicle or not giving the door enough time to open before you move your vehicle forwards can do serious damage to the door and its track. Even just a small impact can cause some of the garage door track rollers to come loose.


  • Wear & Tear – Like most garage door components, the garage door track rollers will eventually start to wear down. If the rollers wear down to the point that they break, then the additional stress put on the remaining rollers could damage them or cause the garage door to come off its track. In the worst-case scenarios, failure to replace broken rollers could also lead to the rails bending.


  • Poor Alignment or Tension – If garage door tracks aren’t properly aligned, then you may find that the bolts on the track become loose and the rollers eventually come away from the track. Not enough tension in the garage door springs can also cause the garage door to come off track.


  • Bad Weather – Adverse weather can cause sudden damage to your garage door and the rollers, causing them to break before their time. It’s important to make sure that your garage is well-maintained, so a sudden bout of extreme weather doesn’t cause major problems. Ongoing maintenance is also key to preventing other problems, like the lift cable breaking.


  • Poor Quality – If your garage door track or a garage door replacement track is of a poor quality, then you may find that it’s unable to support the full weight of the door. Other poor-quality parts, such as lift cables and rollers, can also cause your garage door to come off track.

Whatever the reason your garage door has come off track, the team at AR-BE Garage Doors will be able to find a solution. Our garage door off track Chicago repair and replacement service covers all types of garage door track problem, with an efficient service to restore your garage door as quickly as possible.

What Should You Do If Your Garage Door Has Gone Off Track?

A garage door that has come off track can become very dangerous, as the door and track will be highly unstable. If you’ve noticed a problem with your garage door and believe that it involves the track, then it’s vital to call in the professionals at AR-BE Garage Doors as soon as possible.  You should halt all operation of the door, including manually lifting the door or using an automatic opener. Trying to adjust the door after it has come off the track can result in much more serious damage occurring, which will make repair or replacement more difficult, and potentially increase the costs of restoring your garage door.

Don’t wait a second longer to get your garage door repaired, if you’re experiencing track problems, contact AR-BE Garage Doors today!

AR-BE Garage Doors: Expert Services for Garage Door Off Track in Chicago

AR-BE Garage Doors is a family-run business that has been serving the Chicagoland area for more than 70 years. In that time, we’ve come to the aid of countless residents who have experienced garage door track problems in Chicago. We combine an exceptional quality of service from experienced technicians with high-quality garage door track parts, to offer a repair and replacement service that you can rely on in an emergency. As the largest Chicago-based overhead garage door company, we make sure that our service stands out for the right reasons. When you choose AR-BE Garage Doors, you can expect:

  • A friendly service from trained, background-checked technicians
  • High-quality garage door track parts
  • Complete satisfaction with the workmanship of our technicians
  • Limited lifetime warranty on rust-through for most of our doors
  • 3-year guarantee on every part on new doors
  • 1-year labor guarantee on new doors and openers
  • Emergency Repair Services you can count on
  • Service and product warranties
  • A dedicated service that’s insured, certified, licensed, and bonded
  • Largest overhead garage door company in Chicagoland.
  • Garage doors and openers are our only business.
  • Family-owned and operated; established 1947; incorporated 1965.
Garage Door Off Track Repair in chicagoland

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