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Garage Door Opener Repair Chicago

Is your garage door opener not working? Is your garage door opener giving you trouble? Has your opener reached the end of its lifespan? Do you want to upgrade the capabilities of your garage door?

Garage door openers can stop functioning at any time.  It can be extremely inconvenient. As as a general rule, if your garage door opener is over 10 years old, it’s most likely better to replace it than to repair it.  Unless it is a simple re-programming or adjustment that’s needed, the cost for repairing an older unit (over 10 years old) is usually more expensive than replacing it.  Also, the unit most likely won’t last many years after the repair, so it’s also not a practical decision.

For Chicago garage door opener repair services,and replacement options that can:

  • Reduce the sound output of your garage door
  • Increase the security of your garage
  • Boost the dependability of your garage door
  • Turn your garage door into a smart garage
new garage door opener chicago - liftmaster 8550

(Brand New LiftMaster 8550W Garage Door Opener with MyQ Technology & Battery Back-Up)

replace garage door opener chicago il

(Example Of  An Older Garage Door Opener)

AR-BE is the trusted and long-established company to call.

Our trained garage door experts can help to restore broken or damaged garage door openers to their previous functionality or suggest brand-new systems from our high-quality range of modern garage door openers. Whatever you need, AR-BE are always on hand to help!

AR-BE is the Premier LiftMaster Dealer in Chicago

At AR-BE Garage Doors, we believe that quality is of the utmost importance when replacing any garage door part, including the opener. Openers are relied upon every day as an integral aspect of your garage door’s function, so there’s no better place to invest in a quality product that can fulfill your requirements for a high-functioning, secure garage door.

Due to our commitment to ensuring that our customers only get the best garage door products, we exclusively install garage door openers from top brand, LiftMaster. AR-BE is the premier Chicago LiftMaster dealer, so when you choose us to install your new garage door opener, you know that you’re getting the highest quality products.  

We trust the remarkable performance of LiftMaster systems, and we’re incredibly happy to be able to share the exceptional benefits of the products with our customers. If you want to turn your garage door into a garage door of the future, with remarkable new smart technology, then AR-BE are the experts to call.  

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers: The Future Awaits

When it comes to the best of the best for garage door openers in Chicago, LiftMaster is a choice that isn’t going to let you down. As the premier LiftMaster dealer in Chicago, we believe in the exceptional quality and dependability of LiftMaster products, and how extensively they can benefit your garage door’s operation.

Here’s just a small insight into why LiftMaster garage door openers in Chicago are a winning choice for your home:

  • Quality Products

First and foremost, a LiftMaster garage door opener is a quality product; it’s designed to exceed your expectations by bringing advanced features to your existing garage door. Each type of LiftMaster garage door opener is highly effective, offering space-saving benefits, quiet operation and an exceptional degree of strength that makes them incredibly reliable. For quality, high performance, and reliability, LiftMaster is an excellent brand to choose.

  • Innovative

Innovation is what sets LiftMaster products apart from the crowd. The wall-mounted opener is sleek for maximum space retention; the belt drive opener is incredibly strong for long-lasting performance; and the chain drive opener is designed for regular use without fault. From the modern design of the systems to the advanced operation, LiftMaster products are truly innovative.

  • Smart Technology

The innovative nature of LiftMaster garage door openers in Chicago doesn’t just stop at the design and function, these products also utilize smart technology to take the capabilities of a garage door opener to the next level.

LiftMaster offer a range of wi-fi enabled openers, that through smart technology, allow you to receive garage door alerts on your phone. You can create schedules for when your door opens and closes, operate the garage door from your phone, and stay in control of your garage at all times through the myQ app.  

  • Trusted Brand

The frequency to which most garage doors are opened and closed means that you want a product that you can trust to cope with extensive use without breaking. LiftMaster is one of the most trusted brands for garage door openers in Chicago. Choosing a LiftMaster product will give you an ongoing peace of mind that your garage door is dependable, strong, and has a long-lasting, high-quality performance.

  • Parts are Easy to Obtain

LiftMaster is a very popular brand in Chicago, so parts are easy to obtain. If your garage door opener gets damaged or there’s another problem with the system, then the experts at AR-BE can step in to repair the issue quickly. Thanks to the popularity of the brand, you won’t have to wait an unnecessarily long time for parts to be delivered. Long-lasting reliability, trusted quality, and innovative smart technology make LiftMaster a company that you can count on. If you’re interested in learning more about what AR-BE can offer your home as the premier Chicago LiftMaster dealer, get in touch with us today.

AR-BE – Trusted Company for Garage Doors & Garage Door Openers

Every time you use your garage, you’re depending on your garage door opener to work. If it’s not working as it should, or it’s outdated, then the hassle it causes can interrupt your day and impact your home security. Thankfully, with the reliable and highly-skilled team at AR-BE Garage Doors, affordable repairs and expert installation are only ever a call away.

Between our fast service, commitment to using the best products, and our offer of a 1-year guarantee on all openers we install, AR-BE are the service you can count on to equip your garage with top-notch products. If you’re tired of a less than perfect garage door opener and are ready to realize the modern potential of your garage, then give AR-BE a call today – we’re always happy to help!

Affordable Garage Door Opener Options:

We can replace your opener for just $339 (including labor) and you will have a brand new LiftMaster garage door opener installed today or tomorrow!

Latest High Tech Option:

For $489 (with the $30 Off online coupon) you get a state of the art LiftMaster 8550W with battery backup so you can always get in your garage even if the power is out.  So why repair?  If it’s old, it’s smarter to replace.

For all garage door opener services in Chicagoland, AR-BE Garage Doors is the local experts to call.

Since 1947, AR-BE have provided a professional service to the residents of Chicagoland for all areas of garage door maintenance, repair, replacement, and upgrades. We are immensely proud to offer a comprehensive service for garage door openers, using the highest quality of innovative products to transform garage doors the length and breadth of Chicagoland.

Call us today at 800.339.3256 to service your garage door opener in Chicago!

We can come out the same day or the next day to replace or service your garage door opener in the Chicagoland area.

Reasons To Use A Professional Garage Door Opener Repair Expert?


  • The safety for yourself, your family members, friends and your neighbors
  • Long term security due to ideal installation techniqes by experienced technicians
  • Longer lasting, better functioning garage door openers that have been tested and proven for many years
  • Garage door opener installation with a One year warranty on labor means that we believe in our own workmanship or we will repair it for free

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