Garage Door Maintenance: When to Repair & When To Replace

old garage door
old garage door

Knowing when to repair your garage door versus when to replace it completely can save you a lot of money. But how do you know when it’s time to replace it, or when it can simply be repaired by a specialist? Follow these guidelines to understand what can be repaired on your garage door and what can’t.

Dents and Other Abnormalities

Small dents and dings in a garage door can often be repaired by a specialist. Big dents, however, may require part or all of the garage door to be replaced. To help minimize unsightly dents and dimples in your garage door in the future, have a garage door with a thicker steel gauge installed. You can also consider investing in a bonded insulating core for your door.

Sagging, Slumping or Bent Doors

Some garage doors — especially those made of wood or some other non-metal material — are prone to sagging and slumping. When water repeatedly comes in contact with wood, it tends to warp it. If your garage door is suffering from sagging, the best course of action is replacement. A slumping garage door can result in considerable gaps underneath it, which can result in unwanted critters entering the garage and high energy bills. Doors can also become bent and damaged if they’ve been improperly reinforced.

Higher Energy Bills

A high energy bill can be an indicator that it’s time to get the garage door replaced. Many times, the door will degrade over time, and older doors might not be very well insulated. Installing a new garage door with proper insulation can cut down drastically on energy bills because it will effectively seal out the outdoor elements, which is especially important if you have a living area next to or above the garage. A garage door that’s insulated properly will help keep your home cooler in the warmer seasons and warmer in the colder seasons.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

If you’re having difficulty opening or closing your garage door, any number of things could be wrong, including:

  • The springs could be damaged or broken.
  • The cables along the door could be loose, worn or otherwise damaged.
  • The rollers might need to be replaced or lubricated.
  • Certain sections of the door might need to be replaced.
  • The track that the door runs along may be bent or warped.
  • The hinges might need to be replaced.

In many of the above cases, a garage door specialist can be called on to fix the damaged parts and sections.

Chicago Garage Door Maintenance: Call the Experts

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