Garage Door Automation – Eight Reasons to Choose Automated Garage Door Systems

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Reasons to Choose Automated Garage Door Systems

Technology for the home has come a very long way in recent years, especially in regard to automation. Today, you can automate everything from ventilation and lighting, to intercoms and sprinkler systems.

Garage door automation has been around for longer than many other types of home automation, but it hasn’t escaped the innovation bug! Modern automated garage door systems are incredibly advanced with features that make a very compelling case for why you should upgrade to a new system.

If you’re sat on the fence trying to decide whether automation is the right upgrade for your garage, then check out these eight reasons why every home should have an automated garage door…

Robust Remote Control Functionality

Opening a manual garage door can take a considerable amount of effort if the door is of a substantial size or made from a heavy material. Automating your garage door takes all the effort out of getting into and out of your garage. With a powerful automated opener system, the garage door will open and close with just the tap of a button. If you struggle to open your garage door, automation is the solution!

Efficient Operation

Upgrading from a manual garage door to an automated system will affect your energy use, but not by as much as you might imagine. Modern garage doors don’t consume much energy when in operation and use even less when in standby mode, so the environmental and financial impact is very low.

Communicates Securely with Different Devices

Don’t want to carry around keys or a remote? That’s not a problem when you choose an automated garage door system! With a quality automated opener, you can connect the system to your phone, computer or tablet.

Using a handy app, you’ll have complete control over your garage door around the clock, wherever you are. You could even upgrade your entrance gate and control your garage door and gate through the same app.

Advanced Security

Automating your garage door will introduce a whole new level of security. Firstly, as you can control your garage door from your smart phone, you’ll be able to check if you locked your garage door at any time. This completely eliminates the risk of accidently leaving your garage door wide open all day.

Most modern automated systems also have rolling codes which change whenever you use your garage door. A rolling code can greatly reduce the risk of easy break-ins. Vacation mode is another advanced feature of some automated garage doors that helps to deter intruders. The feature allows you to deactivate remote entry for a set period of time, so the door can only be opened via a keypad.

Automatic Locking Upon Close

Garage door automation means never having to worry about whether you shut and locked the door! One of the brilliant benefits of smart technology is that you can set a close timer, so your door will automatically close if it’s been open for too long. Once the garage door is closed, it’ll also be locked. There are garage door add-ons that’ll instantly deadbolt your garage door when closed and unlock it when you trigger the opener.

Superior Safety Features

Automated garage doors not only keep your home secure; they also keep your family safe. There are options for immediate stopping when the garage door touches anything, and you can even equip your garage door with sensors, so it stops long before it comes into contact with any obstructions, such as children, pets, or vehicles.

Convenient & Easy to Use

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons to invest in an automated garage door system is convenience. Automation means that the days of climbing out of your car in the rain to open the door can end. You won’t have to worry about leaving your children or pets in the car alone, as opening and closing the garage door will be as easy as pressing a button on the remote, your phone, or a keypad. Modern garage doors also illuminate the area around your garage!

Compatible with a Wide Range of Garage Doors

With all the ease and peace of mind that comes with an automated system, you might expect upgrading your garage door to come at a premium, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Automated garage door systems are compatible with an extensive range of garage door sizes and types. Upgrading your garage door could be as simple as adding a new opener, so you can keep costs down while revolutionizing the way that your garage door works.

If you would like to discover more about automated garage door systems for your home, get in touch with AR-BE Garage Doors. We offer a wide variety of solutions for automation that’ll transform how you use your garage door!

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