Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Doors Openers Remotes And Maintenance

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Here are some questions regarding garage doors that we get asked quite often from our customers.

Hope this can be of some help.  Please call us if you have a question or need help with your garage door!



What do I need to do to maintain my garage door?
The rollers and all other moving parts on garage doors should be oiled about every three months.  Call us if you feel you need to have a general overall garage door maintenance service.

Does the garage track need to be greased?
The track should not be greased and should remain dry to enable the rollers to move properly.

If my garage door is off the track can I fix it myself / How do I fix a garage door that’s off track?
We highly recommend that you call a professional garage door repair company to have your garage door repaired.  I can be dangerous to try to fix a garage door if you are not trained.

How do I maintain the exterior finish on the garage door?
To keep garage doors looking great, just wash with soap and water and use a little car wax.

Why is my remote control for my garage door not working?
The photo eyes on the garage door opener need to be clear and properly aligned. Also, check the lock switch on the remote to make sure it is not activated.

Why will my remote only work when I get very close to the garage door?
This can happen when the batteries are weak. Try replacing the batteries.

What do I need to do to erase the garage door opener’s memory?
Look on the back of the opener for a color coded smart button. Press the button and hold it until the LED light switches off. This will reset the memory.

How can I program the remote for my garage door opener?
There is a color coded smart button on the back of the unit. Hold the remote near the unit and press the smart button until it flashes. Hold the button until you hear a double click. For more than one remote, complete this process for each remote.

What are the steps to programming a built in remote on the car’s visor?
This can vary, depending on your vehicle. The manual for your vehicle or the website for the garage door opener can be sources of information about your specific vehicle.


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garage door repair orland park

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