Curb Appeal: Modernize Your Garage’s Look with Accent Planks

Ar-Be Garage Door Company in Addison Illinois - Garage Door & Garage Door Opener Repair Services
Ar-Be Garage Door Company in Addison Illinois - Garage Door & Garage Door Opener Repair Services

Modern technology has done it again! Imagine a garage door with the warmth and eye appeal of wooden tones that looks almost exactly like doors made from real wood, except these garage doors are made from steel. Is that possible? One has to see it to be able to believe it.

The finishes come in the choice of beautiful cedar, classic dark oak, contemporary light oak, and powerful dark mahogany. It is very common for clients to have neighbors come over and ask, “Where did you get that garage door?” Even strangers may stop, knock on the front door, and ask the same question. They really are attractive.

The Look of Wood Combined with the Durability of Steel

Garage doors made of real wood, have many problems. This is how we used to make them in the old days. AR-BE Garage Doors has been a family business since 1947. Real wood garage doors need re-staining and re-painting almost every year to remain looking nice. The wood warps and wood garage doors quickly get out of alignment. Not to mention the problem with termites and the possibility of dry rot when wood is exposed to the outdoor elements.

Still, we have to admit to having a warm place in our hearts for those old wood garage doors because it reminds us of the good old-fashioned days. Imagine our delight when the factory designers at C.H.I. came out with the Accent Plank garage door series. We had to touch the door ourselves to convince us it was steel and not wood. That’s amazing.

Quality Construction

We like the technical specifications of these long-lasting, low-maintenance steel doors and you will too.

There are two models to choose from:

Model – 3216P

Each section is two inches thick.
Each section has four micro-grooves, which have a horizontal alignment and are spaced evenly.
The thermal breaks in the design prevent thermal transfers from outside to inside.
The insulation material used is polyurethane in a sandwich-style construction.
It does not contain any chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
The insulation R-value is 17.54.

Model – 3285P

The construction is the same as Model -3216P.
The only difference is that polystyrene is used instead of polyurethane.
The insulation R-value is 10.29.

Both models are offered in the wood-tones of cedar, dark oak, light oak, and rich mahogany.
Many options and accessories are available.
These doors are only sold through authorized dealers.
We are the dealer for Accent Plank Garage Chicago and the surrounding areas.

Designer Ideas

Homes with the most curb appeal, catch the eye with a combination of attractive elements, which include beautifully manicured landscaping that leads the eye to the home in an inviting way. The next thing that catches the eye is usually the front door when it is made out of wood and the garage door remains somewhat unnoticed.

With an Accent Plank garage door the “front door” appeal is magnified, especially when the garage door, window shutters, and front door match in color. This creates the “wow” factor.

AR-BE Garage Doors won the Best of Southland Award for 2015. We attribute our success to always putting our customer priorities first. Once you see a beautiful Accent Plank garage door, we know you are going to love it. We look forward to installing one in your home. Call 800-339-3256 for a free consultation.

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