Best Overhead Garage Door for Your Property

Best Overhead Garage Door for Your Property

While many people may not think that picking out a garage door for your home is difficult, it should be done carefully. Choosing the best possible garage door assists in improving curb appeal alongside increasing functionality and ease in your life. The range of garage doors available on the market may surprise you. Therefore, knowing the best type of garage door for your property is always an excellent idea. 

While having a good-looking garage door is essential, choosing the right garage door shouldn’t just be based on aesthetics. A variety of characteristics need to be considered, from the location of your garage to the unique security and safety needs you require. If you have just built a garage and need a new door or are looking to replace your current one, keep reading to discover what would be the best fit for you.

What are The Advantages of an Overhead Garage Door

Best Overhead Garage Door for Your PropertyWith so many options for styles, colors, and add-ons, during your project, you may find it challenging to pick out the right garage door for your residential property. Some are looking for:

  • Style over security
  • Enhanced protection
  • A little bit of both

Fortunately, overhead garage doors offer plenty of possibilities. Some of the leading advantages of these types of garage doors include:

  1. Exceptional Security – Overhead garage doors such as steel doors are proven to significantly enhance security for your garage door. Additionally, overhead garage doors can easily be outfitted with extra attachments and safety features for maximum security and smooth operation.
  2. Outstanding Weather Resistance – This is particularly important for homeowners in Chicagoland. Due to the ever-changing climate, harsh winters, heavy rainfalls, and golf-ball hail, you need a door that you can rely on.
  3. Enhanced Appearance – You can customize your overhead garage door by choosing between a range of finishes, window styles, and colors that will further improve the look of your home.

Speaking of choosing the garage door that’s right for your property, here are some of the best overhead garage doors currently on the market: 

Raised Panel

Raised PanelRaised panel overhead garage doors are one of the most common styles for those with garages in the country. AR-BE offers raised panel garage doors that will fit your property seamlessly! Work with their specialists to choose the right raised panel garage door that will fit your needs.

Raised panel garage doors are often referred to as traditional garage doors. This is because they have been around for decades. They get their name from the appearance of details raised or evaluated from the garage door panel. You can learn more about them here.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel Garage Door Steel garage doors deliver one of the most extensive insulation selections, security, price ranges, and styles. AR-BE works directly with the industry’s leading manufacturers to provide homeowners with various modern and classic styles. Steel garage doors are a great choice for those who want to take control of their door’s finish, paint, and insulation. It will improve both security and your property’s overall value.

Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage House Garage DoorsThese doors have been a #1 option for many years as they have always been manufactured to last. Traditionally, they were made with heavy wood, iron hardware, and iron handles. Now, while they still offer significant durability, they boast many of the charming characteristics of the traditional carriage house garage doors with improved operation and materials.

Carriage house garage doors from AR-BE compliment by providing the look of classic carriage house doors with the convenience of modern overhead doors. Work with a garage door specialist to design a carriage house door that meets all of your requirements.

View the full selection of garage doors that AR-BE has to offer here! 

Still Not Sure What to Choose? Talk with a Professional

Each property and client’s personal taste is unique, and so is each garage door. Choosing the best garage door highly comes down to the client’s needs, style preference, and garage location. So, it’s not the easiest of decisions. While you may think that choosing between the wide variety of options you have in front of you is difficult, it doesn’t have to be!

At AR-BE, they have a whole team of specialists in the industry that have helped hundreds of clients choose their dream garage door. One that protects their home adds curb appeal and enhances comfortability daily. You don’t have to be alone in your decision. One of their professionals will kindly assist you, helping you find a garage door that checks all of your boxes and fits within your budget.

Now That You Have Your Garage Door, What’s Next?

Before the specialists at AR-BE personally deliver and install your garage door, there is one more thing that you need to take into consideration. The device that you are going to be using to open and close the door. Luckily, AR-BE carries a wide variety of LiftMaster garage door openers to choose from, including:

  • Belt Drive
  • Chain Drive
  • Screw Drive
  • Direct Drive

Make sure that your new and improved garage door will open and close as flawlessly as it looks. Depending on your budget and the location of the garage door, AR-BE experts will help you pick out the right one. Why choose LiftMaster garage door openers? Learn Why LiftMaster is the Best Option for a Long-Term Garage Door Opener Solution.

Explore Your Options Today

Many homeowners rely on their garage for different things, whether it is for parking their cars, storage, or as an entryway into the house. Whatever the reason, it needs the best, top-rated garage door to go with it. AR-BE makes it simple for you. All you have to do is visit them, discuss your wants and budget, and their technicians will make sure your garage is outfitted with an outstanding door.

Choose a company that is truly dedicated to helping its clients get the best products at affordable prices. So, are you looking for the best overhead garage door in Chicago or the surrounding area? Look no further and contact the experts today.

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