Benefits of Garage Door Insulation and How It Will Help During Chicago Winters

Benefits of Garage Door Insulation and How It Will Help During Chicago Winters

If you have a residential garage, you probably have heard of garage door insulation. No matter if your garage door is connected to your home or separate from it, it is recommended that they have an insulated garage door, especially in Chicago. Insulation is extremely beneficial for homeowners whether your garage is used as storage for different items and your automobile or as a workroom, playroom, or gym. Keep reading to learn more about how insulation for your garage door will benefit during the upcoming Chicago winter.

Different Reasons and Benefits of Garage Door Insulation

Different Reasons for Garage Door Insulation

Your options may vary depending on your current situation, whether you are building a new garage door or currently have a garage and door. If you currently have a garage door and are not in the market for a new one, a variety of insulation kits can be installed on an existing one. However, there are also various pre-insulated garage doors available in many designs, styles, and materials. Preparing your garage door and getting the best energy efficiency and the thermal resistance value is crucial in preventing freezing problems and keeping you and your family comfortable and safe during the winter.

Reduce Stress on Your Automobile

It’s not uncommon for a Chicagoland vehicle owner to wake up on a brisk winter morning and have their vehicles not want to start. Even for the toughest vehicles that do start, they still go through a significant amount of effort to do so, causing possible long-term consequences. With an insulated door, you can ensure that your garage is warmer, reducing the amount of stress on your automobile every single day.

Ease on Your Garage Door Opener

You rely on your garage door to open and close every day without a problem. Especially during winter, you depend on it both for ease and comfort alongside security. As the mechanism lies within your garage, having an insulated garage door will ensure that it does not freeze or malfunction, maintaining a healthy climate for optimal functionality. This will ensure you avoid sudden repairs or replacements.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners in the Chicagoland area overlook their garage when it comes to thinking about the way it can save energy. As a result, many choose a non insulated garage door without understanding the negative impacts it can have. Especially for those who have a garage directly connected to the home, your garage door acts as a buffer between the heated indoor and the harsh outdoor weather.

When you add an insulated garage door or insulation to your existing one, it will help save energy as it moderates the temperature in your garage. This, in turn, will reduce the amount of energy that is required to heat the rest of your home. Therefore, the heater within your home won’t have to work as hard to keep everything warm, resulting in savings on the amount of energy you use each month.

While preparing your home with an insulated garage door has several advantages for this upcoming Chicago winter, there are plenty more that will continue to improve your property throughout the new year, including:

It Makes Garage Doors More Durable

Insulated garage doors tend to be more durable as they are created with an aluminum or steel frame, usually filled with solid-core insulation. As this particular insulation is between steel or aluminum panels, it makes it less easy to dent or crack. They can withstand the accidental hit from practicing a hockey shot in the winter all the way to bumps from bikes during the summer.

Noise Reduction

An insulated garage door is significantly quieter than one that’s not. The extra insulation pads most of the vibration, which in turn assists in reducing the noise that comes from outside the door, like the kids playing or street traffic. It also allows for noise to not escape from within the garage. Therefore you will be able to shield your neighbors from different activities you are doing within your home.

Enhanced Curb Appeal and Resale Value

As a residential homeowner, one of the main things you think about long-term includes the investments you make in your home. Insulated garage doors both are aesthetically pleasing and show others, including potential future buyers, that you have taken the necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of your property.

Is an Insulated Garage Door Worth It for Chicago Homeowners?

Is an Insulated Garage Door Worth It for Chicago Homeowners?

There are a series of questions that you should ask yourself if you are considering insulating your current garage door or purchasing a new insulated door. These include:

  • Do you park your vehicle inside your garage when it’s cold?
  • Is your garage attached to your home?
  • Do you have rooms or areas above your garage door?
  • Do you store other items inside your garage that could suffer during the cold?
  • Do you use your garage for various activities?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should consider an insulated garage door in preparation for winter. The extensive list of benefits reflects a resounding yes when thinking about whether or not an insulated garage door is worth it.

Picking the Right Garage Door for Your Chicagoland Home

Deciding on a new garage door is not a small decision. There are various things to consider, such as look, materials, model, and of course, insulation. At AR-BE, their garage door services allow for plenty of options when it comes to picking out the right door alongside other services, including installations, garage door repairs, maintenance, and replacements. As the weather continues to get colder, ensure that your garage is equipped with the absolute best for protecting your home and withstanding the freezing temperatures.

Homeowners in Chicago and the Chicagoland Area can always rely on AR-BE and their garage doors and garage door opener experts to assist them with all of their needs. Therefore, if you are considering insulating your current garage door or investing in a new insulated garage door, talk with one of their experts to discuss your options. Contact AR-BE today!

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