5 Ways to Give Your Garage, Curb Appeal


Garage Curb Appeal – 5 Methods

AR-Be Garage TipsThe curb appeal of your property is one of the most important things when it comes to selling your home. A fresh, clean, and beautiful home exterior is a key selling point and an essential for actually getting new buyers to make an inquiry, not just scroll past your property on the listings.

Not only is curb appeal essential for property sales but also for your own property pride. The relaxing and welcoming feeling that you get when you come home from work to a beautiful property is worth its weight in gold; not to mention the feeling of being the envy of your neighborhood with a property that really stands out.

There is a lot that you can do to improve the curb appeal of your home, but one of the best places to start is with your garage. Garages are a practical addition to a house that most people use every day; they provide great vehicle storage and add a little extra room to the floor-plan of your home.

The benefits of a garage are undeniable, but the problem is, garages are not always the most beautiful addition to a property exterior, especially when curb appeal is concerned. If you don’t get the design of your garage right, it could end up detracting from the look of your home as a whole. Thankfully, there are some great ways to give your garage front a wow factor and improve your garage curb appeal. Here are five of the best methods for a garage curb appeal transformation that are easy to achieve and incredibly effective:

Method One: Replace or Renovate the Garage Door

Nothing is more important to garage curb appeal than the garage door. The garage door has the largest surface area and the most impact on your home as a whole, so it needs to be right if you want the kind of garage curb appeal that draws the eye for all the right reasons.
The garage door that came with your home may not be the best style for your property, so it’s more than worth checking out some of the other options out there. You can buy garage doors in different styles, like the traditional Carriage design, and different materials, with choices for flush panels, raised panels, and recessed panels to name just a few of the best options.

If you can’t bear to part with your current garage door, then a little repair may be in order to bring it back up to a high standard and make sure that it’s looking as good as possible. You might consider changing the color, adding some new fixtures like new windows, or just giving it a bit of a revamp to make it a standout addition to your home.

Method Two: Add a New Door Frame or Arbor

Next to the garage door, one of the most noticeable features that you can add to your garage is a frame, or garage door arbor. Elegant and beautiful, a garage arbor can help to separate the garage from the rest of your home as a standalone feature, it provides framing to draw the eye to the garage and it’s a great opportunity to play with colors.

Garage arbors are available in multiple styles, designs, and materials and are generally installed just above the garage door. You can use the arbor as a simple frame or go a step further and offset your garden design by adding hanging baskets or vines that’ll grow around the arbor to create a beautiful county appearance. This little addition is a great way to get creative with your garage design!

Method Three: Incorporate Your Garage into Your Home DesignGarage Remodeling - Chicago Garage Door Services

For garage door inspiration to boast your property curb appeal, there is no better place to look than the existing design of your home. While garages should stand out as a unique home feature, they shouldn’t stand out so much that your home design starts to look inconsistent and the garage becomes more like an addition than an integral part of your home.

Taking color palette inspiration from your property walls and fixtures and fittings, will help to create a sense of design consistency. The little additions and trims that make your home stand out can also be incorporated into your garage design on a smaller scale. Bringing your garage in line with the rest of your home, in terms of design, will do wonders for your curb appeal.

Method Four: Install a Garage Door Arch

If you take a walk down the street, you’ll notice that most garages are essentially rectangular in design; which when you think about it, isn’t very in line with the subtle curvature that most properties feature elsewhere in the architecture. One of the biggest curb appeal statements that you can make, is to install a garage arch.
A garage arch breaks up the harshness of the straight garage lines and creates a brand-new feature point of your property.

While this is a little more of an investment than a new door color or an arbor, it can have a profound effect on your garage curb appeal and on your home design as a whole. By adding borders to the arch and investing in a garage door that really works with the new design, your garage could easily become the envy of the street. There are plenty of ways to get creative here, but always bear in mind the design of your property and try to create consistency.

Method Five: Re-Design the Garage Interior

If, like many people, you find that your garage doubles up as a workshop or storage room, then the inside of the garage could be just as important to your garage curb appeal as the outside. For garages where the doors are open for a good proportion of the time, it’s essential to make sure that the inside is looking great and matches your design choices on the outside of the garage.

Our top tip here to increase your garage curb appeal is to de-clutter and touch-up the interior. A new work bench, smart storage ideas, and a lick of paint will really help to make your garage beautiful inside and out.
A key part of fixing up the interior also brings us back to the garage door itself and the practicality of how it opens. Roller doors will help you to make full use of your garage space but there are plenty of other opening mechanisms to choose from – an essential part of garage design to consider!

With just a few changes to your garage, you not only stop the garage detracting from the curb appeal of your home, but you can actually enhance the overall appearance of your property. Whether the time has come to sell up and move on or you just want to regain a little of that property pride in your garage area, the time to improve and upgrade your garage is now!

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