Garage Door Springs Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair Chicago

Do Your Garage Door Springs Need Replacing?

A garage door spring can break at any moment.  There’s usually very little, if any, indication that they were faulty before they snap.

However, once one of the springs breaks, the other one is likely to break also very soon.  We highly recommend that you replace them both at the same time.  You also save money by doing it at the same time, since our technicians are already out on the job and can put the second one in very fast.

Call AR-BE at 800.339.3256 to service or repair your garage door springs today!

We can come out the same day or the next day to replace your broken garage door spring in the Chicago area.

Why Is It Important To Use A Professional Garage Door Spring Expert?


  • Safety of yourself, your family members, friends and even neighbors during the sometimes dangerous work
  • Long term safety due to proper installation by experienced technicians who have worked and focused for many year only on garage door repair in Chicago
  • Longer lasting, higher quality springs that have been tested for decades
  • Garage door spring installation with a 1 year warranty on labor means that we believe in our own workmanship or we will repair it for free