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What to consider when buying or selecting a new garage door opener in Chicago?


  • Garage door opener noise concerns (how close is the opener to the living area of the home could influence if you should go with a belt or chain driven opener – belt is quieter but chain lasts longer)
  • Does it have WiFi/Wireless on-the-run capability (to open and close your garage door from your mobile phone or tablet – an essential part of a “smarthome”)
  • How safe is it (home security)?
  • Does it have battery backup (in case the power is out)?
  • How dependable is it?  Quality and dependability is a big concern for most families
  • Is everything included (installation cost, accessories, controllers, keypads etc)?
  • Does it include Warranty? (what does the warranty cover?)
  • Is service warranty included too?

With LiftMaster garage door opener dealers, like AR-BE Garage Doors, these are concerns that we take very seriously and always consults our customers about.

Another thing to consider is if it’s possible to repair your current garage door opener?

  • How old is your current opener?
  • Does your opener make too much noise?
  • Can you open and close your opener from your phone if you forgot to close it or if you want to let in a family member?
  • Do you have battery backup so that it works even if the power is out?

Learn more about garage door opener repair options before you replace it.


Liftmaster has built a strong name in terms of dependability and quality over the years.  We are friends and neighbors of our customers, and we care deeply about the quality of our service, as well as the products we install.

This is why we at AR-BE Garage Doors have decided to exclusively install Liftmaster garage door openers.

Call us today at 800.339.3256 or 708.458.2345 with any questions about options and applications to your home.

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