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Epic Rock Stars That Started as a Garage Band

The projects you’ve started in your garage usually involve the following: changing the oil in your car, building a birdhouse from scratch, or, if you’re really looking to kick the fun up a notch, sanding down and refinishing furniture. Oh, the glory.
Luckily for humanity, other young souls have opted to put their garages to use for more creative purposes outside of refreshing the family boudoir with cherry varnish. Throughout the musical history of garages, which consists of many tens of thousands of failed musical experiments, there have been a handful of aspirational teenage phenoms that have gone on to change the world of music. And their humble beginnings were birthed in ordinary garages just like yours and mine. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite garage rock bands.
This insanely popular quartet was formed as a garage band in 1992 by frontman Rivers Cuomo in Los Angeles. Deriving the name “Weezer” from the nickname bestowed upon Cuomo by his father, the alt rockers practiced and progressed, blending the sound of The Beach Boys with power pop, indie rock, and pop punk to develop their own sound.
The final ingredient was a powerful sense of melody by writer, producer, and frontman Rivers Cuomo, a skill not lost on Geffen records, to which Weezer signed in 1993. Their first album resonated with listeners, especially the hit song “Buddy Holly”, and captured fans around the world as they shot up the charts to platinum status. Weezer, which is still active today, has sold 17 million records around the world.
Creedence Clearwater Revival
“We were a garage band from our inception, and we worked hard at our craft.”— Stu Cook, CCR bassist.
Legendary American rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival formed in the middle of the 60s. By the end of the decade, it was well on its way to superstardom, releasing a litany of successful records in the late 60s and early 70s. Due to the band’s bluesy, roots rock, and swamp rock sound, many assumed that CCR’s origins lay somewhere in the American south; however, the band actually hailed from sunny and progressive San Francisco.
The band moved through several musical formulas, but CCR truly spread its wings when John Fogerty assumed creative control as lead singer, writer, and guitarist. Fogerty propelled the band forward through his creative vision, lending his talent to production and songwriting, which focused on hot political and cultural issues. The formula was a success, to the tune of nearly 30 million albums sold in the US alone.
Unfortunately, the band endured its fair share of drama while cycling through multiple lineups. Despite the great success and world tours, relationships began to decline in the early 70s. The once thriving band devolved into bitter feuds and court cases despite earning Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honors and being regarded as one of the best rock bands of all time. Starting in the garage is easy, creating art with a group and handling the rigors of success, not so much.
The Who
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The Who, the English rock band that currently resides at number 29 on Rolling Stone Magazine’s “100 Greatest Artists”, formed in 1964. The founding members of the band met in grammar school in Acton, a borough in London. The band hit its musical stride in the late 60s and at its height rivaled the Rolling Stones as a force of music. The Who was famous for its live shows, which included the occasional on-stage destruction of guitars, a signature of the band’s live performance. One of the pioneers of arena/anthem rock, The Who has sold a whopping 100 million albums worldwide.

The Ramones
The Ramones launched out of a humble garage in Forest Hills Queens in the mid-60s, grinding in obscurity for several years before officially taking shape in the mid-70s. Their first record, released in 1976 and entitled “Ramones”, was immediately hailed by critics despite the lack of commercial success. The US was slow to catch on, but it was in the UK that the band’s success grew astronomically. The Ramones eventually became a part of the dynamite the helped the UK punk rock scene explode throughout the world of music.
Nirvana, a band that some say changed the course of music, helped spill the raw and emotional sound of Seattle grunge onto the word. Founded in 1987, the band released its first album in 1989 and experienced its initial success through college radio stations. An appearance at the 1992 MTV Music Video Awards catapulted them into living rooms around the world and propelled a career that included world tours and over 75 million records sold. Their short-lived career—just three full albums and seven short years—ended prematurely by the tragedy of frontman Kurt Cobain’s suicide. To this day, Nirvana is one of the most beloved bands of all time. Nirvana released a number of world-renowned hits: “Come As You Are”, “You Know You’re Right,” and of course, the 90s mega-hit, “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”
Paul Revere & The Raiders
Paul Revere & The Raiders began with organist and founder Paul Revere in Boise Idaho. Considered one of the contributing pioneers of the punk sound, the band created success in the late 60s and early 70s, active years filled with charting albums, singles, and world tours.
PR&R is best known for the song “Kicks”, an anti-drug anthem penned about the writers’ friend and his ongoing drug problem. The band had a long rock and roll history, filled with the typical rock band drama involving lineup changes, sound changes, and breakups due to creative differences. The group is often described by some as a flame that burned out too quickly—massive success early on fanned out in the early seventies and the band that once played arenas were toward their end playing county fairs.
The Kinks



The Kinks, the iconic and highly influential British band, was formed in 1963 by brothers Ray and Dave Davies in Muswell Hill, North London. Influenced themselves by R&B, folk, and country music, the band burst onto the British rock scene and opened the “garage” door to their success with a cover of Little Richard’s famed “Long Tall Sally”.
What set The Kinks apart was that it embodied and reflected British culture more than other contemporary bands, an aspect that helped The Kinks eventually go on to smash charts in both the US and UK.
The Kinks achieved International success with seventeen Top 20 singles, five Top 10 albums, four gold albums, and over 50 million records sold worldwide. Its success helped spearhead the British Invasion into the US, along with mega acts like the Beatles.
But its legacy came not just from commercial success, but also from the influence it had upon many American genres and bands of the 60s, particularly on garage rock through their hit “You Really Got Me”.
One of longest tenures of any of the bands on our list, The Kinks made music for nearly three decades through various lineup changes and intermittent breaks in between. When it was said and done, the band achieved commercial success, garnered international fame, and became a dominating influence on punk rock, heavy metal, and psychedelic music acts.
Even in our modern era of autonomous cars and AI that orders pizza, there are still plenty of aspiring teenagers gathering eagerly in their parents’ garages, hoping to turn sappy songs and rough chords into success and superstardom. And, after reading this, we hope that aggravated parents who have been assaulted by countless hours of terrible songs, errant notes, and pitchy singing will think twice about stomping over and shutting down the practice session taking place in their garage. You never know, you could be derailing the next Nirvana.
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Are Insulated Garage Doors Worth The Money?

Should You Spring for an Insulated Garage Door?

If you are building a new home or replacing an older garage door, one question you will face is whether or not to opt for an insulated garage door. You won’t be surprised to learn that an insulated garage door is going to cost a couple hundred dollars more than the non-insulated variety, but we’re here to tell you: especially in the Chicagoland area, that couple hundred bucks up front is going to save you money in the long run. Here are the three main reasons we encourage all of our customers to purchase insulated garage doors for their Chicago-area homes.

  1. 2283-steel-garage-doorsAn insulated garage door will help your energy costs in winter and summer. The exterior walls and roof of your home are insulated – so why shouldn’t your garage door be as well? After all, the garage door makes up a large portion of many homes’ facades. An insulated garage door will buffer your home from outside extreme temperatures – both hot and cold – and, as a result, will help keep your energy bills lower. As an added benefit, the vehicles you keep in the garage will be easier to warm up on those particularly icy mornings.
  2. An insulated garage door is quieter than the non-insulated option. This is especially pertinent if there are living spaces – even possibly a bedroom – over the garage. The insulation absorbs sound, making for less racket as the door goes up and down.
  3. An insulated door is sturdier than a non-insulated one. If anyone in your house might be tempted to, say, toss a tennis ball against the garage door or use it as a backdrop for goalie practice, we definitely recommend an insulated door. They stand up to dings and dents better and just aren’t as fragile as uninsulated doors.

So now that we’ve gone over the pros of an insulated garage door, the next question is whether you should go with a pan-style polystyrene, and sandwich-style polystyrene, or a sandwich-style polyurethane insulated garage door.

Pan-Style Polystyrene

Polystyrene is the same material that cheap coffee cups or disposable coolers are made from. The polystyrene is cut in blocks and secured to the interior of the garage door. It provides some insulation of both heat and sound and gives a slight bump to durability. The downside of pan-style polystyrene doors is that polystyrene itself is not the most durable substance.

Sandwich-Style Polystyrene

These garage doors are made with the same material as those in the “Pan-Style” category, but the polystyrene is “sandwiched” between two steel doors, providing greater insulation, stability, and protection for the polystyrene itself. These doors are a great middle-of-the-road choice.

Sandwich-Style Polyurethane

There’s no question about it: if you want optimal temperature and sound insulation and the sturdiest door possible, you want to go with polyurethane insulation. Polyurethane is a foam that is sprayed between the two outer layers of the garage door. The foam expands to fill the available space. It hardens, sticking to the shell of the door. Unlike the sheets of polystyrene that are cut to fit into place, the polyurethane foam fills every nook and cranny between the steel doors, providing exceptional insulation and greatly increased stability.


Whichever Option You Prefer…

We are thrilled to offer a Winter-long (2016/17) deal of $50 off your replacement or brand new garage door!

At AR-BE, we have a variety of stylish insulated garage doors of all three types: pan-style polystyrene, sandwich-style polystyrene, and sandwich-style polyurethane, as well as non-insulated pan-style doors. You can browse our style options on our website. Alternately, feel free to give us a call today and chat about how we can help you beautify your home, while also enhancing its functionality and value with a new garage door.

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