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Why NOW is the Best Time to Repair Your Garage Door

Garage door repairs and replacements usually occur at one particular time: when your garage door breaks. Many people simply don’t think about their garage doors very much until they aren’t working. But fixing or replacing your garage door when it’s already broken really isn’t the optimal time. In fact, NOW – springtime – is really the best time of the year to repair or replace your garage door. Here’s why:

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Post-Winter Tune Ups

Even if your garage door is working, the winter has taken a toll on it. Your garage door is frequently confronted with two very different “climates” during the winter: the outside temperature and harsh weather, and the inside, which is generally warmer. The contrast of these two temperatures on either side of your garage door (and the constantly changing temperature) means the parts of your garage door have been subtly expanding and retracting all winter – and this means they are weakening. It’s always a good idea to have your garage door and its operating system looked at by a pro at this time of year to see if you need a little tune up or even need to replace anything.


If It Ain’t Broke – FIX IT!

The old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” simply doesn’t hold sway when it comes to your garage door. When your garage door breaks, it often means you can’t move the door from it’s position until it’s fixed, or you can only do so with great effort. If your door is stuck open, that can leave the contents of your Tools for Repair Garage Doorgarage vulnerable to thieves. If it’s stuck closed, you may have problems getting your car out or be forced to leave your car in the driveway for a few days while the door is repaired. Don’t get caught with a broken garage door!


It’s No Rush

When your garage door suddenly breaks, you want it fixed as soon as possible, and this could potentially cost you more and may cause a problem if you need to call off work to wait for a repair person to come. Instead, get it tuned up and looked at by a professional now, who you can schedule to come when it’s convenient for you.


New Technologies

New Technologies are springing up all the time when it comes to garage doors and garage door openers. If you haven’t replaced your system in a few years, there are likely new and better ways to protect your garage and your home. Did you know that there are wi-fi enabled garage door systems that can even send your smart phone a message whenever your garage door opens or closes? It’s great for parents who want to monitor the comings and goings of teenagers or anyone who is away from their house and wants to keep an eye on what’s going on. Check out your options on our website today.

Have a Heart

Tools for Repair ARBE RepairsYes, we will come out to your house to repair your garage door when it’s sleeting. We will come out to replace your garage door when it’s deathly cold. We will come out to repair or replace your garage door whenever you need us. But we’d sure prefer to do it during the wonderful spring weather! Truth be told, it’s easier for us to gauge how well your garage door is working when we aren’t dealing with extreme temperatures and weather. So let us get an accurate read on the state of your garage door during these few weeks of mild weather.


Specials from AR-BE

We think these are all pretty great reasons to call us to schedule a repair or replacement of your garage door today, but if we haven’t convinced you yet, we know that money talks. So, check out our coupons on our website. We have specials for repairs, replacements, and top-of-the-line garage door openers that are good through the end of May.arbe_logo

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Avoiding Garage Door Scams

Many people these days keep more than just their cars in their garages so when your garage door breaks, you often need it fixed quickly. Unfortunately, this has left a lot of homeowners vulnerable to garage door scams over the years. These scams hurt both homeowners and legitimate business, by giving garage door technicians a bad name, so we wanted to shine a little light on garage door scams this month to help you avoid them in the future.

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Are Insulated Garage Doors Worth The Money?

Should You Spring for an Insulated Garage Door?

If you are building a new home or replacing an older garage door, one question you will face is whether or not to opt for an insulated garage door. You won’t be surprised to learn that an insulated garage door is going to cost a couple hundred dollars more than the non-insulated variety, but we’re here to tell you: especially in the Chicagoland area, that couple hundred bucks up front is going to save you money in the long run. Here are the three main reasons we encourage all of our customers to purchase insulated garage doors for their Chicago-area homes.

  1. 2283-steel-garage-doorsAn insulated garage door will help your energy costs in winter and summer. The exterior walls and roof of your home are insulated – so why shouldn’t your garage door be as well? After all, the garage door makes up a large portion of many homes’ facades. An insulated garage door will buffer your home from outside extreme temperatures – both hot and cold – and, as a result, will help keep your energy bills lower. As an added benefit, the vehicles you keep in the garage will be easier to warm up on those particularly icy mornings.
  2. An insulated garage door is quieter than the non-insulated option. This is especially pertinent if there are living spaces – even possibly a bedroom – over the garage. The insulation absorbs sound, making for less racket as the door goes up and down.
  3. An insulated door is sturdier than a non-insulated one. If anyone in your house might be tempted to, say, toss a tennis ball against the garage door or use it as a backdrop for goalie practice, we definitely recommend an insulated door. They stand up to dings and dents better and just aren’t as fragile as uninsulated doors.

So now that we’ve gone over the pros of an insulated garage door, the next question is whether you should go with a pan-style polystyrene, and sandwich-style polystyrene, or a sandwich-style polyurethane insulated garage door.

Pan-Style Polystyrene

Polystyrene is the same material that cheap coffee cups or disposable coolers are made from. The polystyrene is cut in blocks and secured to the interior of the garage door. It provides some insulation of both heat and sound and gives a slight bump to durability. The downside of pan-style polystyrene doors is that polystyrene itself is not the most durable substance.

Sandwich-Style Polystyrene

These garage doors are made with the same material as those in the “Pan-Style” category, but the polystyrene is “sandwiched” between two steel doors, providing greater insulation, stability, and protection for the polystyrene itself. These doors are a great middle-of-the-road choice.

Sandwich-Style Polyurethane

There’s no question about it: if you want optimal temperature and sound insulation and the sturdiest door possible, you want to go with polyurethane insulation. Polyurethane is a foam that is sprayed between the two outer layers of the garage door. The foam expands to fill the available space. It hardens, sticking to the shell of the door. Unlike the sheets of polystyrene that are cut to fit into place, the polyurethane foam fills every nook and cranny between the steel doors, providing exceptional insulation and greatly increased stability.


Whichever Option You Prefer…

We are thrilled to offer a Winter-long (2016/17) deal of $50 off your replacement or brand new garage door!

At AR-BE, we have a variety of stylish insulated garage doors of all three types: pan-style polystyrene, sandwich-style polystyrene, and sandwich-style polyurethane, as well as non-insulated pan-style doors. You can browse our style options on our website. Alternately, feel free to give us a call today and chat about how we can help you beautify your home, while also enhancing its functionality and value with a new garage door.

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Garage Door Maintenance: When to Repair & When To Replace

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Knowing when to repair your garage door versus when to replace it completely can save you a lot of money. But how do you know when it’s time to replace it, or when it can simply be repaired by a specialist? Follow these guidelines to understand what can be repaired on your garage door and what can’t.

Dents and Other Abnormalities

Small dents and dings in a garage door can often be repaired by a specialist. Big dents, however, may require part or all of the garage door to be replaced. To help minimize unsightly dents and dimples in your garage door in the future, have a garage door with a thicker steel gauge installed. You can also consider investing in a bonded insulating core for your door.

Sagging, Slumping or Bent Doors

Some garage doors — especially those made of wood or some other non-metal material — are prone to sagging and slumping. When water repeatedly comes in contact with wood, it tends to warp it. If your garage door is suffering from sagging, the best course of action is replacement. A slumping garage door can result in considerable gaps underneath it, which can result in unwanted critters entering the garage and high energy bills. Doors can also become bent and damaged if they’ve been improperly reinforced.

Higher Energy Bills

A high energy bill can be an indicator that it’s time to get the garage door replaced. Many times, the door will degrade over time, and older doors might not be very well insulated. Installing a new garage door with proper insulation can cut down drastically on energy bills because it will effectively seal out the outdoor elements, which is especially important if you have a living area next to or above the garage. A garage door that’s insulated properly will help keep your home cooler in the warmer seasons and warmer in the colder seasons.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

If you’re having difficulty opening or closing your garage door, any number of things could be wrong, including:

  • The springs could be damaged or broken.
  • The cables along the door could be loose, worn or otherwise damaged.
  • The rollers might need to be replaced or lubricated.
  • Certain sections of the door might need to be replaced.
  • The track that the door runs along may be bent or warped.
  • The hinges might need to be replaced.

In many of the above cases, a garage door specialist can be called on to fix the damaged parts and sections.

Chicago Garage Door Maintenance: Call the Experts

If you’re looking for a Chicago garage door repair company, look no further! AR-BE Garage Doors has been the top name in garage door installation and repair in the Chicago area for the last 68 years. We specialize in a variety of garage door styles and can repair a wide variety of garage doors. We also install garage doors and can repair door openers. Give us a call at 800.339.3256 for a free estimate today!

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Quick Tips for Regular Garage Door Maintenance

repairing garage door trackAs a homeowner, you can perform some garage door maintenance tasks yourself. In addition to keeping your garage door working longer, performing regular maintenance will also keep you and your loved ones safe from garage door mishaps. If you’re not comfortable with performing garage door tests and maintenance routines, it’s best to have them performed by a trained technician.

Garage Door Maintenance in Chicago

The following maintenance tasks should be performed to avoid having to call a garage door repair technician prematurely:

  • Visual inspections should be performed on a monthly basis. Inspect all the garage door parts: springs, cables, all mounting hardware, and etc., all with the garage door closed. You should be looking for any signs of wear on any of the parts. Look for signs of fraying on the cable and for signs that the hinges are coming loose. Open and close the door as well, listening for abnormalities—creaking, groaning, screeching—all of these signs could be the symptom of a bigger problem.
  • A test to detect improper garage door balance should be performed on a monthly basis. To perform this test, close the door and disconnect the automatic opener if your door has an automatic system. Next, lift the garage door manually. If the door lifts smoothly and with little to no resistance, the balance is fine. If it’s hard to lift or doesn’t stay open after you life it, it could be out of balance.
  • A test to determine the reverse mechanism of the door should be performed on a monthly basis. This is only needed if your garage door has an automatic opening system. Place a piece of lumber in the middle of the garage door while it’s open. Place it in the spot where the garage door would touch the floor. Close the door by pushing the close button on the garage door opener and when it touches the wood, the door should automatically go in reverse. If your garage door doesn’t automatically reverse, consider calling a trained technician to repair it.
  • A test to determine that the photo eye is working properly should be performed on a monthly basis. This test only needs to be performed if your garage door has an automatic opening system. Close the door with the automatic opener or switch and then take a broomstick and wave it before one of the door’s photo eyes (the place where the detection happens). This should make the door reverse. If it doesn’t reverse and open, pull the broomstick away and close it. Clean the photo eyes with a dry cloth, such as microfiber cloth, when the door is closed. The photo eyes might also need to be adjusted by hand if they’re not lined up properly; gently adjust them to be on track again, and then open the door and repeat the test. The door should reverse and reopen.
  • The door should be lubricated semi-annually. Simply apply a bit of lubricant spray to the hinges, rollers and track of the garage door.

If your garage door isn’t performing as it should, AR-BE Garage Doors can help. We service and install garage doors in the Chicago area. Give us a call at (800) 339-3256 to schedule an appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Doors Openers Remotes And Maintenance

Here are some questions regarding garage doors that we get asked quite often from our customers.

Hope this can be of some help.  Please call us if you have a question or need help with your garage door!



What do I need to do to maintain my garage door?
The rollers and all other moving parts on garage doors should be oiled about every three months.  Call us if you feel you need to have a general overall garage door maintenance service.

Does the garage track need to be greased?
The track should not be greased and should remain dry to enable the rollers to move properly.

If my garage door is off the track can I fix it myself / How do I fix a garage door that’s off track?
We highly recommend that you call a professional garage door repair company to have your garage door repaired.  I can be dangerous to try to fix a garage door if you are not trained.

How do I maintain the exterior finish on the garage door?
To keep garage doors looking great, just wash with soap and water and use a little car wax.

Why is my remote control for my garage door not working?
The photo eyes on the garage door opener need to be clear and properly aligned. Also, check the lock switch on the remote to make sure it is not activated.

Why will my remote only work when I get very close to the garage door?
This can happen when the batteries are weak. Try replacing the batteries.

What do I need to do to erase the garage door opener’s memory?
Look on the back of the opener for a color coded smart button. Press the button and hold it until the LED light switches off. This will reset the memory.

How can I program the remote for my garage door opener?
There is a color coded smart button on the back of the unit. Hold the remote near the unit and press the smart button until it flashes. Hold the button until you hear a double click. For more than one remote, complete this process for each remote.

What are the steps to programming a built in remote on the car’s visor?
This can vary, depending on your vehicle. The manual for your vehicle or the website for the garage door opener can be sources of information about your specific vehicle.


For more information about our company, garage door repair and installation services in Chicago, IL or the surrounding areas please browse our website or contact us today at 800.339.3256.

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