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Save Energy In Your Garage With 18 Improvement Tips

Garage MaintenanceInsulating your home is seen as one of the most important home care endeavors you can do. Just as important, your garage door requires you to insulate it also. If you do not properly perform garage door repairs, than you open your home up to cold winter air seeping through and into your home. If you neglect to take care of these simple tasks, you can cost yourself hundreds on wasted energy costs.

We have come up with 18 different tips that will help you improve your garage doors insulation.

  1. Over time your garage door will become old with wear and tear. Even after performing essential maintenance doors will deteriorate over time. Installing a new garage door can eliminate any worry you may have and fix any issues you may be facing.
  1. Insulate all the windows that you may have within your garage. These are prime locations for cold air to come into your garage area.
  1. Lay down quality garage mats onto your garage’s floor to help prevent the cold air from coming up from the ground. Bare garage floors can feel frozen in the winter months, these type of mats can eliminate that.
  1. Install the correct type of insulation into the walls of your garage to maintain a warm interior and to block the cold air pressing against your exterior.
  1. Check the entry way door that you use to enter and exit your garage from the side for proper insulation. Purchase a sealing kit at your local hardware store if you feel air coming through.
  1. Look over the floor and walls of your garage for any cracks. If you find any cracks be sure to fill them in with caulking.
  1. If you have an attic or second level to your garage check to see that it is completely insulated so that any warm air that rises does not escape through the roof.
  1. Examine the roof of your garage to check for any damage, deteriorating, or leaks. Replace any area of the roof that requires it to help reduce your energy costs and keep warm air inside.
  1. If you have any pipes that run through the garage and into your home for plumbing be sure that they are covered with pipe insulation. Heated pipes can be dangerous to touch and can emit high temperatures, while cold pipes can give off a lot of cold air.
  1. Insulate your hot water heater tank that you may have inside your garage with the correct insulation.
  1. Check your weather stripping on your entry and garage doors to ensure that they are working properly and replace any that are needed.
  1. A small space heater can be a terrific way for you to maintain a warm temperature in your garage without needing to leave your house door open and risking losing your home’s heat.
  1. Check any electrical outlets to see if any cold air is seeping through them and replace any covers that may need it.
  1. If you have a skylight in your garage check that it also has been sealed with caulking or a commonly found window kit to block the cold air out.
  1. Insert insulated door stops along your garage doors bottom to help decrease cold drafts that blow into your garage.
  1. Replace any damaged sheetrock around your garage with adequate thickness to give your garage an added layer of insulation.
  1. Make sure you always close all your windows completely and properly.
  1. Organize and maintain your garage’s interior so that heat can flow throughout the interior.

Proper garage door repair and care can help you prevent you from paying extra for energy costs. But if you want to eliminate the worry completely, hiring a quality residential garage door installer can take care of all the details for you. Giving you a dependable service and a brilliantly styled new garage door!

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7 Garage Door Preventative Maintenance Tips You Can Do Yourself

Garage Door MaintenanceYour garage door is one of the most frequently used parts of your entire home. With many working parts that vary from heavy to light, these parts can wear down over time. Each component of your garage door plays a major role in its overall function. If one of the parts is not performing to its optimal capacity, then the rest will begin to follow suit. Making your personal care and maintenance of the utmost importance to help prevent garage door maintenance and repairs.

Here are 7 Garage Door Preventative Maintenance Tips You Can Do Yourself.

  1. Use Your Eyes & Ears

The first thing you want to do before you try and do anything is simple. Just look and listen. Operate your garage door and watch it as it moves up and down. Listen to the sounds that it makes as its parts begin to work together. Is anything out of the normal? Is it making a noise that you do not recognize? Are parts like the cables, pulleys, and springs working efficiently or are they shaky and seem about to break?

  1. Fasten Up All Hardware

As we mentioned before, garage doors are used consistently throughout your busy life. Moving up and down all the time can cause some of the fastening parts of the garage door (bolts & hardware) to loosen over time. This does not mean you have a defected garage door; loosened hardware can just happen over time. If one of your bolts is beginning to get loose than your entire garage doors alignment and function can be thrown off.

Grab your toolset and disconnect the power to your garage door opener. Grab the correct size wrench and double-check each bolt that you can see to ensure that they are fastened. By doing this, you will avoid potential significant damage to your garage door and eliminate a possible phone call to get garage door maintenance and repairs.

  1. Check Your Garage Doors Balance

When your garage door is not balanced, the garage door opener will not run smoothly. When it tries to move up and down, it is required to work harder than it should have to. Over time, this will cause the garage door opener to begin to break down.

Disconnect the power to your garage door opener by pulling down the dangling red cord. Once you have done that you will need to pull the garage door up halfway manually. Once you have it lifted half-way let go and see what happens. If the door falls to the ground either slowly or fast—than it is off balance.

This means that the counter-weight system is in need of some maintenance, and although checking this can be done by you—we highly recommend hiring a professional for Chicago garage door spring repair.

  1. Lube Moving Parts

This is one of the most important and yet most neglected tasks you can do on your own. Garage doors have a lot of working parts, working parts that are made of metal. These parts rub and move against each other and as we all know—metal on metal is not always smooth sailing. If you can routinely make a commitment to greasing and oiling your garage door, you can add years of operation to your system.

It only will take you 10-15 minutes to complete. Use white lithium grease on your garage door opener’s chain or screw, and spray a light coat of lubricant on your overhead springs. Increasing efficiency and reducing rust to help you prevent future garage door opener maintenance.

  1. Test Auto-Reverse Safety Feature

Your garage door’s auto-reverse safety feature has two working mechanisms: mechanical & photocell. You can test both of these mechanisms on your own by following these helpful tips.

To test your mechanical feature, you can just place a piece of wood on the ground in your doors track path. When the door begins to come down check to see that when it touches the wood, it reverses direction.

To test the photocell mechanism, press the button to close your garage door. Once the door begins to lower just place your foot across the sensory beams. If the garage door stops and moves back up—than your photocells are working properly.

Did either of your tests fail? It is time for a new garage door opener.

  1. Clear Tracks

A very straightforward and quick one. Check the tracks of your garage door on both sides to ensure there are no debris or other parts that may interfere with its operation. Random pieces of debris can stick to these tracks, and it may be as easy as wiping or scraping it away.

  1. Keep Exterior Looking New

Of course, you want your garage door to look nice. If your garage door is made of wood, check for water damage or old and chipped paint. If it needs a new coat, sand and scrape off the old and paint on a new layer. If you have a steel door, sand off the rust sports and wipe it down with a mild all- purpose cleaner whenever you are out washing your car.

Applying these 7 different preventative maintenance tasks to your garage door can help you avoid hiring a professional. But keep in mind that some of these tasks may reveal a deeper issue and if that is the case, you must hire a Chicago garage door technician.

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8 Things To Look Over When Finding A Garage Door Installer

Garage Door InstallationIt can be tough to discover a quality team of technicians to repair your garage door or even worse, to install your brand new garage door. While some companies are more than capable, there are others who make claims they just cannot keep. What is worse is trying to find a garage door installer that is dependable—in your area.

We have prepared a list of 8 different things that will help you learn how to choose a Chicago garage door installer, today!

  1. Company Reputation

Discovering a company’s reputation locally is one of the best ways you can find a qualified garage door installer. Reading and learning about what other past customer’s experiences have been like working with a company shows their commitment.

Their commitment to delivering you the service that is promised at the price that you agreed upon.

  1. Business Location

 It is one thing to provide service to customers with nothing more than a van filled with spare parts. It is another to have an established home-base building filled with an entire infrastructure of efficiency. This is not only beneficial for an efficient company, but also speaks volumes of the customer service they can provide you. Ask yourself the following.

  • Does the service provide have a physical business location where you can shop their parts inventory, speak to staff, and be given answers to your questions?
  1. Credentials

 You not only can search for quality reviews and testimonials from past customers to measure a garage door installers reputation. There are now organizations that specialize in doing that for you. These organizations will review certain companies and assess them. Once they have completed that, they will certify them as legitimate or not.

Check out the following websites to ensure that your chosen garage door service is listed.

  1. Past Experience

 This can be a tricky subject to investigate, but if you know what you’re looking for it can be very helpful. If you find that a company may not have many reviews or suggestions given, it could just mean that they are a brand-new start up trying to make a name for themselves.

However, you should also be looking at when the company was established. Comparing the current date in line with that can expose whether this company is getting business or not. If they happen to be lacking in experience and have been open for a few years you may want to look elsewhere.

  1. Immediate Service

We live in a world of unknowns, never knowing what catastrophic event may take place. This includes your garage door’s function and integrity. Accidents happen and we have a pretty good idea that whatever your garage door is in place for is important. Protecting your assets from vandalism, thievery, and other criminal activity.

This is why it is so vital that you check to see that your chosen company offers you immediate service in case such an incident occurs. A garage door installer that doesn’t offer you around the clock service is one that may not be as legitimate as you may think.

  1. Insurance Policy

Mistakes can happen. You have to understand that or you will be living a perfectionist world. You can make the mistake of hiring a company that isn’t as qualified as they claimed to you. Even a reputable business may make a mistake while installing your garage door. They make forget an important piece or a part just might fail.

To protect yourself from such incidents, check to see that your chosen garage door installer provides itself and its clients with an insurance policy. This way if anything is to happen during or after installation, you are covered and the company will fix it with no charge to you.

  1. Free Quotes

Quotes are what most people make their final decisions with. They provide the client with a detailed representation of the services requests, the time required, the parts needed, and an estimate on the total cost. A respected garage door installer will offer these to you free of charge. That means no risk to you—while searching for the best possible service you can find.

  • Ask for a free quote from 3 different businesses before you decide. Compare each of them along with the other factors we have presented to you.
  1. 100% Guarantees

 This is not a deal breaker, however, it is an aspect that can give one garage door service provider the edge over the competition. Look to see what type of guarantees they may offer along with their garage door installer service.

Some companies offer guarantees for installation while others offer them for repairs. Look for a company that will offer you both of these, but if a company doesn’t offer any specials—don’t let that disqualify them.

Go Find A Garage Door Installer That Is Right—For You!

Ask as many questions as you can think of when you are going through this check-list. If there is an area of service that we didn’t list here but you feel is important then please ask about it. Start contacting a garage door installer in the Chicago area today—to begin your search for the best customer experience possible!

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chi overhead doors chicago illinois installer

Customer Story: Before and After Garage Door Installation Chicago Mt Greenwood, IL

Here are before and after pictures for work completed in the Mt. Greenwood neighborhood in Chicago.

The door we installed for our customer is a CHI Overhead Door # 5283 – Carriage stamped insulated door with Obscure Stockton glass top.


Broken Garage Door Mt. Greenwood Chicago


New Garage Door Installed Chicago IL Mt. Greenwood


For more information about AR-BE Garage Doors in Chicago, IL / Oak Lawn, Mt Greenwood or the surrounding areas please browse our website or contact us today at 800.339.3256.

chi overhead doors chicago illinois installer
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garage door summer maintenance chicago il

Getting Your Home Garage Ready For The Summer

It’s time to get your garage ready for summer in Chicago

The blizzards and heavy Chicago snowfall are now gone.

The hot summer months are coming quickly and just like it is important to prepare your garage door for the winter—it is for the summer time too.



Knowing the right type of garage door maintenance that you will need, can help you maintain your current garage door and garage door opener. But of course, it is always easier to have a trusted Chicago garage door service perform these tasks for you. Giving you professional handle and care without having to lift a finger.

Let us take a look a some of things you can perform yourself or hire for to get your garage door ready for the summer.

  1. Clean Your Garage Door

Over the past winter months your home garage door has been hit with severe Chicago weather. Rain, wind, dirt, mud, and other random substances have been plastered all over the outside. It seems simple, but it will help it look great for many years to come.

Not only that but inside your door, where you keep your tool box, car, boxes, and random supplies has been collecting dust, grease, and dirt. You will want to wash and clean off both interior and exterior of your garage door for optimal maintenance.

If your garage door is made of wood you will want to inspect it for other issues such as rotten or mildew. Add a new coat of paint or water sealant on both sides of the door to prevent future damage.

If you have a home garage door made of steel look it over for any rust that may have accumulated. Any rust that you may come across can be sanded down and painted over with a special type of primer.

  1. Lubricate Your Working Garage Door Parts

Lubricating any of your home garage doors working components is crucial for efficient operation. Ensure that the following parts of your home garage door are properly lubricated with the correct oil type.

  • Rollers
  • Tracks
  • Hinges
  • Opener Tracks

Never use lubricants such as WD-40 and opt for types that are specifically made for garage doors. Place a conservative amount on each area. Too much oil can become a sponge for dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Which will cause your door to operate inefficiently.

  1. Inspect For Worn Out Parts

One of the first things you are going to want to check is the cables. Look to see if you notice any fraying wires or if it looks like it’s going to wear out. If you do need to replace your cables it is best to hire a Chicago garage door maintenance service, as it can be dangerous to do on your own.

You also want to take a glance at your hinges, bearings, rods, and supports. If you notice any damage or if any of these parts are loose, you will need to fix the issue immediately. If you put it off than you may run into a much bigger problem down the road.

  1. Double-Check Fastening

On the back of your roller tracks you will find bolts placed there to hold your tracks firmly. Inspect these to see if they have come loose at all. During the winter months during our blistering Chicago weather, the wind can shake these bolts loose.

This is vital to not only the operating condition of your garage door but for your safety as well. If these bolts were to come completely loose you are running the risk of them falling on your vehicle or worst—another person.

  1. Inspect Your Garage Door Springs

Your home garage door springs must be looked over after every winter. The wet and cold can cause them to rust and they need to be rust-free. They can break over time but it is best to prevent this any way you can. These springs hold and withstand a lot of tension and if one were to break it can fly across the garage harming or damaging its surroundings.

Your springs need to be enclosed in a tube. If they are surrounded by a tubing than maintenance is not required. These tubes will protect them from harmful conditions and contain any breaks that may occur.

Again we cannot stress it enough.  If you do notice your springs need to be replaced contact a Chicago garage door spring repair service.

  1. Weather Proofing & Insulation

The weather stripping that goes along the edges of your garage door requires maintenance as well. These are crucial parts to your home garage door and although they are made to protect against harsh weather. They still need to replaced from time to time. There is no better time for you do this than right after the winter months have ended.

Weather stripping and insulation keep the cold out of the garage during those cold months. They also keep it dry inside your garage protecting your assets. Even the hot summer air can be damaging to what you store in your garage. Check to make sure your garage door is full insulated.


For more information about garage door repair and installation services in Chicago, IL or the surrounding areas please browse our website or contact us today at 800.339.3256.

garage door summer maintenance chicago il
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