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repairing garage door track

Quick Tips for Regular Garage Door Maintenance

repairing garage door trackAs a homeowner, you can perform some garage door maintenance tasks yourself. In addition to keeping your garage door working longer, performing regular maintenance will also keep you and your loved ones safe from garage door mishaps. If you’re not comfortable with performing garage door tests and maintenance routines, it’s best to have them performed by a trained technician.

Garage Door Maintenance in Chicago

The following maintenance tasks should be performed to avoid having to call a garage door repair technician prematurely:

  • Visual inspections should be performed on a monthly basis. Inspect all the garage door parts: springs, cables, all mounting hardware, and etc., all with the garage door closed. You should be looking for any signs of wear on any of the parts. Look for signs of fraying on the cable and for signs that the hinges are coming loose. Open and close the door as well, listening for abnormalities—creaking, groaning, screeching—all of these signs could be the symptom of a bigger problem.
  • A test to detect improper garage door balance should be performed on a monthly basis. To perform this test, close the door and disconnect the automatic opener if your door has an automatic system. Next, lift the garage door manually. If the door lifts smoothly and with little to no resistance, the balance is fine. If it’s hard to lift or doesn’t stay open after you life it, it could be out of balance.
  • A test to determine the reverse mechanism of the door should be performed on a monthly basis. This is only needed if your garage door has an automatic opening system. Place a piece of lumber in the middle of the garage door while it’s open. Place it in the spot where the garage door would touch the floor. Close the door by pushing the close button on the garage door opener and when it touches the wood, the door should automatically go in reverse. If your garage door doesn’t automatically reverse, consider calling a trained technician to repair it.
  • A test to determine that the photo eye is working properly should be performed on a monthly basis. This test only needs to be performed if your garage door has an automatic opening system. Close the door with the automatic opener or switch and then take a broomstick and wave it before one of the door’s photo eyes (the place where the detection happens). This should make the door reverse. If it doesn’t reverse and open, pull the broomstick away and close it. Clean the photo eyes with a dry cloth, such as microfiber cloth, when the door is closed. The photo eyes might also need to be adjusted by hand if they’re not lined up properly; gently adjust them to be on track again, and then open the door and repeat the test. The door should reverse and reopen.
  • The door should be lubricated semi-annually. Simply apply a bit of lubricant spray to the hinges, rollers and track of the garage door.

If your garage door isn’t performing as it should, AR-BE Garage Doors can help. We service and install garage doors in the Chicago area. Give us a call at (800) 339-3256 to schedule an appointment.

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man opening garage door with button

Leave Garage Door Installation to the Professionals

man opening garage door with buttonHomeowners have a large number of resources at their disposal nowadays. With little or no expertise, homeowners can take care of household repairs and perform numerous installations that might be out of their comfort zone. This is especially true for homeowners who are handy—you know the type, they can fix just about anything around the house—and most will have a good deal of experience with handling several different types of household repairs.

But this shouldn’t be the case with installing the bigger stuff, such as garage doors.

Installing a garage door is a big task, and most people should call on the services of a professional installation specialist to do it. There are a number of reasons a professional should be called, but the most important of them is that someone who doesn’t have any experience with installing them can be at risk of injury, especially if they’re doing the installation alone. There is also the risk of improper installation to take into account.

While it might seem like doing it yourself could save you a good deal of money, the contrary could definitely be true — especially since the risk of injury is much higher than many other do-it-yourself projects. The heavy-duty spring tension involved in garage door installation are under a ton of pressure, and can snap and puncture the skin. Garage doors also weigh quite a lot; anywhere from 200-300 pounds. If a door were to snap or drop on you or someone else during the installation, it would result in a not only a loss of the door, but injury.

Installing the door improperly is another reason to call a professional installation specialist. A specialist will know how to inserts the struts and rails, calibrate the installation, adjust the track mechanism, and more. Calibrating the installation alone will make all the difference in how long the door’s individual components will stay good working service. A professional will have the know-how and expertise needed to get the door installed correctly, without using any guesswork that a novice might use.

Installing garage doors can also be time-consuming — no matter how prepared a person is. Installing a garage door can take a whole day for first-timers to do, but a professional will have it up and installed in two hours or less.

Repairing a garage door might seem simple—especially since it’s already installed—but the opposite is true. If it’s bent, missing a piece, or has a faulty spring, repairing it to good working condition is typically no different from installing a brand-new door. It can take equally as long to repair a garage door, and can be just as dangerous. Not hiring a professional can do more damage than good.

Garage Door Installation Services in Chicago

AR-BE Garage Doors has provided garage door replacement and installation services in Chicago and the greater Chicagoland area for over 60 years now. We also provide garage door repair services. Give us a call at (800) 339-3256 to schedule a garage repair or installation appointment today, or to receive an estimate.

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CHIOHD 2283 RAISED PANEL steel or fiberglass garage doors

Fiberglass Garage Doors in Chicago

Impact Resistant Fiberglass Doors in Chicago & suburbs

Your home reflects your personal sense of style and makes an impression on your guests and visitors.  Exterior features of your home, such as the windows and garage doors, can either enhance the appearance or detract from it. At AR-BE, we provide high quality fiberglass doors with professional installation in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Impact resistant fiberglass garage doors offer a beautiful architectural style design that will offer the protection you need and enhance the appearance of your home.

There are several panel options available to create the look you want for your home, as well as impact resistance, lasting durability, and style.

These fiberglass doors are available in several color options, as well as wood tone colors that include oak, walnut, and mahogany. In addition, there are four options for styles, if you want to add designer lights to your door and designer light caming is available in your choice of brass or platinum.

If you are interested in fiberglass garage doors or a different type of garage door for your home in Chicago or suburbs, please browse our garage doors section to learn more about the options available for your new garage doors.  There you can view panel and color options and read technical data for the doors and insulation. Please contact AR-BE Garage Doors at 800.339.3256 for quality garage doors and professional installation at affordable prices.

CHIOHD 2283 RAISED PANEL steel or fiberglass garage doors
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garage door repair orland park

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Doors Openers Remotes And Maintenance

Here are some questions regarding garage doors that we get asked quite often from our customers.

Hope this can be of some help.  Please call us if you have a question or need help with your garage door!



What do I need to do to maintain my garage door?
The rollers and all other moving parts on garage doors should be oiled about every three months.  Call us if you feel you need to have a general overall garage door maintenance service.

Does the garage track need to be greased?
The track should not be greased and should remain dry to enable the rollers to move properly.

If my garage door is off the track can I fix it myself / How do I fix a garage door that’s off track?
We highly recommend that you call a professional garage door repair company to have your garage door repaired.  I can be dangerous to try to fix a garage door if you are not trained.

How do I maintain the exterior finish on the garage door?
To keep garage doors looking great, just wash with soap and water and use a little car wax.

Why is my remote control for my garage door not working?
The photo eyes on the garage door opener need to be clear and properly aligned. Also, check the lock switch on the remote to make sure it is not activated.

Why will my remote only work when I get very close to the garage door?
This can happen when the batteries are weak. Try replacing the batteries.

What do I need to do to erase the garage door opener’s memory?
Look on the back of the opener for a color coded smart button. Press the button and hold it until the LED light switches off. This will reset the memory.

How can I program the remote for my garage door opener?
There is a color coded smart button on the back of the unit. Hold the remote near the unit and press the smart button until it flashes. Hold the button until you hear a double click. For more than one remote, complete this process for each remote.

What are the steps to programming a built in remote on the car’s visor?
This can vary, depending on your vehicle. The manual for your vehicle or the website for the garage door opener can be sources of information about your specific vehicle.


For more information about our company, garage door repair and installation services in Chicago, IL or the surrounding areas please browse our website or contact us today at 800.339.3256.

garage door repair orland park
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